Style photo on Shop Collaboré . Photo: Shop Collaboré

Style photo on Shop Collaboré . Photo: Shop Collaboré


Shop Collaboré Makes A Debut

Sustainability has been a buzzword in the fashion industry for the past few years, but its news still needs to be spread into the mainstream. It’s part of the mission for new Los Angeles-headquartered e-boutique Shop Collaboré. The e-shop and platform will provide a market to new and emerging sustainable brands on

The project is the brainchild of Salt Lab Los Angeles, which is a private-label design and consulting company. The co-founders Cassie Genovese, Lauren Jackson and Amanda Armstrong saw that manufacturers needed help in disposing of deadstock fabrics and inventory. New, sustainable brands needed help in spreading the word about their fashions and the mission of conscious consumerism needed to be placed on the radar of  many fashion consumers.

Shop Collaboré also will serve as a platform for new sustainable fashion lines designed by the co-founders. They also produce weekly information and consciousness-raising sessions on environment and fashion called Sustainable Saturdays. Genovese, Jackson and Armstrong post a weekly blog on their website covering a topic related to sustainability and climate change as they relate to fashion. “We each write on different topics that we feel are important to educate and inspire our customer on,” the team said. “It's about providing information so that the consumer can make responsible decisions when it comes to purchasing clothing and how to incorporate sustainability into their lifestyle."