Coachella X NMOE
Photo: NMOE

Coachella X NMOE Photo: NMOE


Nicholas Mayfield Introduces E-commerce, as Second Coachella Collaboration Launches

Prior to the most-important shopping season of the year, designer Nicholas Mayfield announced his entrance into e-commerce with a new website for his Nicholas Mayfield Over Everything brand and a fresh Coachella collaboration celebrating the festival's 20-year anniversary. The designer, a Los Angeles Fashion Week alum, previously worked through collaborations and commissions for his special-order fashion designs and on-demand handpainted works.

"We recently launched the website and came out with a short drop. Those are pretty much done and sold out," Mayfield said. "Right now, what I am excited about is that we’re doing this drop with Coachella on the online store on Nov. 24. It’s a really good time and I am really excited about the stuff coming out, especially the markerwork and the cartoon stuff."

While Mayfield was inspired to create cartoon-style designs since his childhood, the 2009 launch of his brand has allowed the designer to explore different areas of his artistry, yet the introduction of an e-commerce site of his own feels similar to home. He has garnered support from his local neighborhood in Riverside County.

"That has been really beautiful," Mayfield said. "During these times, I am definitely not out and it is a time of online shopping. It is similar to it being out in the streets in the way people are excited about it. It’s brought a lot of us together, especially a lot of people I grew up with and how long we’ve been doing it."

With the second Coachella collaboration, Mayfield is coming closer to home, as the festival takes place in Riverside County. Celebrating 20 years of Coachella with the event producer was profound for the designer, as he felt this collection is a true reflection of his inspiration, particularly a hoodie that pays homage to the past and the festival's future.

"Ironically, [the first festival] was on October 9 and 10, and the first day is my birthday," Mayfield explained. "It means so much to me. I am from here. Imagine being from Woodstock, it’s just amazing. To be able to do it and work it and see the product and how nice it looked was just amazing. I feel that my characters make a lot of sense with this one. It’s me."

As he looks forward to sharing his work on his own terms, Mayfield notes that the new site is personal and he feels that it affords an interaction between himself and customers. The new NMOE website can be found at