Courtesy of Charlotte's Web

Courtesy of Charlotte's Web


Charlotte’s Web Takes Its Hemp Message to Its Source

Hemp-based CBD pioneer Charlotte’s Web rolled out a media campaign called Trust The Earth. It has advocated for hemp to be considered as a plant which offers elements that can benefit human health and the health of the earth’s soils.

Charlotte’s Web, headquartered in Boulder, Colo., its products include CBD oils, gummies and topical pain relief, took its message to its source. This summer, it unveiled a sprawling farm art installation in a rural field in McPherson, Kansas. The 76-acre farm art installation bears the words “Trust The Earth. The design was created by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One. The Los Angeles-headquartered company is best known for a 2008 Obama campaign poster and a partnership with the Obey clothing brand. The Studio Number One design was mown into a Kansas farm field by local farmers working with GPS to chart field paths to cut the massive design. The installation could be best seen from the sky.

The massive installation wasn’t the only news coming out of Charlotte’s Web this summer. It also was granted the status of a B-Corp, or a benefit corporation. It means that the company must include improvement of society and the environment as part of its defined goals, along with making profits.