The Sabyasachi x H&M collection will be available this week. 
Photo: H&M

The Sabyasachi x H&M collection will be available this week. Photo: H&M


Launch Date Announced for Sabyasachi x H&M

Working with Indian designer Sabyasachi, H&M announced that the launch date for its joint collection with the artist. On Aug. 12, Sabyasachi x H&M will release its womenswear online at and the retailer's select locations. Menswear will also launch on the same day, yet these pieces will be available at

"I am happy to announce the new launch date for the collaboration with H&M, as it gives us the opportunity to spread the Sabyasachi aesthetic to a wider audience in India and worldwide," Sabyasachi said. "Due to the complexities of the COVID-19 situation, we had to put the launch on hold but I'm eagerly looking forward to bringing this ready-to-wear collection that will bring relaxed sophistication to everyday life in an understated yet glamorous style."

Blending traditional elements of Indian style with modern details, Sabyasachi brings textile notes that are derived from India's historic traditions that have brought rich fabrics to fashion. The collection features traditions in Indian textiles and prints through the mission of the Sabyasachi Art Foundation.

"At H&M, we are thrilled to be able to announce the new date for our collaboration with iconic Indian designer Sabyasachi," according to Maria Gemzell, head of new development for H&M. "At a time like this, we believe people value the use of homegrown crafts and textiles more than ever and that's something no one can do better than Sabyasachi. We look forward to taking this stunning collection to as many people across the global as we can."