Photo by Hagop Kalaidjian

Photo by Hagop Kalaidjian


Remaining True to Everyday Luxury, Catherine Gee Fall/Winter 2021 Adds an Edge

As trends ticked strongly toward comfort in 2020, with loungewear continuing to remain popular into the new year, Catherine Gee saw that there was a need for elegant pieces that were versatile. Gee was committed to providing her clientele with the luxurious silks, rich velvets and stunning jacquards that have become stylish, comfortable alternatives to the casual trends of the past year. Beginning the year by unveiling the Fall/Winter 2021 collection of her eponymous brand, Gee remained true to her easy elegance while catering to women who welcome a return to wearing beautifully made garments.

“What I saw happening during COVID-19, even after the initial lockdown, was a certain sect of women became fatigued with wearing sweatpants and they wanted to look good and feel good again,” Gee explained. “I saw this uptick in silk-shirting sales because they were going to the site for the masks and then they were discovering these classic, timeless blouses like the Daria blouse, cut in prints and fall colors.”

Remaining loyal to her aesthetic, Gee wanted to lightly wade outside of her expected styles by expanding from her sophisticated resort roots toward more of an urban look, resulting in the current collection, which she has named the New York Edit. An emphasis was placed on tops in bright prints and vibrant colors in addition to fitted pants in a raspberry hue and an exquisite belted car coat in hot pink, black and white. A luxurious full-length, long-sleeved button-up shirt dress was made in a color Gee refers to as “orchid purple” but seems to transition to different shades of the hue nearly reaching a fuchsia depending on the light.

“It’s not an everyday dress,” Gee said. “It’s another statement piece, and you can do it two ways. You can have it buttoned up with the ties in a very Victorian style or you can unbutton it as high up the leg as you want, untie the ties and it feels a little bit more resort.”

Using her beloved silks, for which she is known, in addition to the jacquards and velvets, Gee’s goal was to not only elevate women’s style but to improve their outlook by creating luxurious clothing in bold colors and patterns. Gee intended to lift the mood of her clients, thereby improving their outlook during a challenging time while they were living their lives in a new way.

“I wanted women to feel very cool, confident and sexy in their everyday wardrobe,” Gee said. “We coined the term ‘Zoom chic’ because women started buying the silk blouses and they were Zooming in them because they looked nice and they are everyday pieces.”

Looking toward this year, Gee is optimistic about the future of fashion and the expression it will afford. She foresees trends shifting toward the unique and designs in colors that promote an optimistic outlook.

“People will want to live again. We’re going to live again. We’re going to crave the individuality that is fashion, especially the colors,” Gee said. “We might not see in the streets or trending maximalist fashion so much, but our senses will see it when we finally emerge again. That is why I love bold colors and rich fabrics. I think they will speak once everything opens up again.”