After moving her brand to Los Angeles from Brazil, Bromelia founder Lauren Quinn maintained the same commitment to the community and encouraging women to feel confident.

After moving her brand to Los Angeles from Brazil, Bromelia founder Lauren Quinn maintained the same commitment to the community and encouraging women to feel confident.


With Production in L.A., Bromelia Swimwear Brings Brazilian Confidence

Two years after launching her company in Rio de Janeiro, Bromelia Swimwear founder and native Angeleno Lauren Quinn decided a move to her hometown would be best for the brand and relocated after launching the swimwear line in 2018. Founded on a belief in ethical-manufacturing practices, Quinn brought with her a sense of contributing to the community. When COVID-19 hit as she prepared to move, Quinn knew that she had to act quickly in order to allow the brand to help those who would face challenges during the pandemic.

“We were moving production from Brazil to California, but I decided as things got worse and worse throughout the year that this needed to be an overnight action. I needed to create all these jobs in my community, and then we could branch out again internationally,” Quinn explained. “I got everything to L.A. except for milling. I still mill all the fabric in Brazil because I could not abandon those communities, and their fabric is just—there is nothing like it.”

Upon relocating the Bromelia brand to Los Angeles, Quinn channeled the label’s mission into a cause that she holds dear to her heart—supporting other women. From her manufacturing partners to Bromelia’s customers, Quinn committed to ensuring that she could help other women navigate the challenges of 2020 and 2021 by creating jobs and providing a confidence-boosting product.

“We put faith into 2021, and we created more product than ever, not knowing if stores were going to be open, but the bottom line was to create more jobs so we did what we could,” Quinn said. “We made pivots so we could put funding and capital into production to create these jobs, and it’s paying off. We thought that if we started with the seed of something that was positive, that would have a ripple effect. We created so much good work, and we have such an amazing team.”

With a fresh approach to marketing Bromelia, Quinn also set out to elevate women’s confidence when they’re wearing her swimwear. Wishing to bring with her the confidence that she observed on the beaches of Rio, Quinn sought out local Los Angeles women for her 2021 campaign, which included pieces that would complement bodies that might be a bit larger due to a year spent indoors during stay-at-home orders. Bikinis were made with a thicker waistband, and a one-piece with more shirring afforded the appearance of a flatter abdomen.

“The concept when I started it in Brazil is that I wanted to export the confidence that the women had on the beach and the fact that they didn’t fuss with their swimsuit. They had their heads held high. They thought they were beautiful, and those who looked at them thought they were beautiful,” Quinn said. “That was one of the catalysts of the brand, but I realized the marketing wasn’t reflecting that.”

As a final act of solidarity, Quinn bypassed extensive photo editing in favor of showing the models’ cellulite and stretch marks. While emphasizing the different characteristics of real women’s bodies was Quinn’s goal, she did note that the details she includes in her swim pieces are incorporated as part of the Bromelia mission to help customers find the perfect fit.

“If you put some clean, finished seams on a suit, then you’re not really restricting that female figure at all. They can have a proper apple booty, or they can have a teeny tiny little something, but if you put that clean, finished seam on it, it’s not digging in,” Quinn said. “It’s moving with you, and you can feel like it’s gliding over your silhouette, not cutting into it.”

Priced retail from $80 to $88 for bikinis and $158 to $182 for one-pieces, Bromelia Swimwear is available via and at select retailers. The brand’s pieces come in XS–XL.

Moving forward, Quinn wants to continue promoting the brand positivity that stems from Bromelia’s Brazilian roots. “There is a suit for every body. There is your perfect fit no matter what your pain point or insecurity is,” Quinn explained, “not trying to fit into a mold, not having to step out of your comfort zone, but trying to find an accessory that enhances you.”