Photo courtesy of Roy G

Photo courtesy of Roy G


Roy G. Takes Tie-Dye to the Next Level

What do you wear when sitting around the house listening to Jimi Hendrix and burning patchouli incense? The answer comes from Roy G., a new “sofa to street” loungewear brand designed in Brooklyn and made in L.A. whose specialty is psychedelic silk in acid colors straight from the days of Woodstock and the Summer of Love.

The “inclusive and nonbinary” collection consists of slipdresses, dayjamas, tops and bottoms, and robes in luxurious silk. Tees and sweats are dyed by hand so each item is one of a kind, with sweats made from organic cotton, and tees are acquired from vintage, dead-stock and thrift sources in a tribute to the spirit of recycling. “It’s fair to say nobody in the entire world will have the same exact Roy G. tee,” the company boasts.

“Roy G. is the color spectrum personified,” the brand declares on its website. “We celebrate individuality and the creative spirit. We are vibrant and playful and not afraid to stand out. We believe that comfort leads to confidence and that color makes the world a better place.

“We believe that luxury doesn’t have to be bad for the environment,” the company continues, “so our clothes are produced in factories with sustainable practices and made with natural fabrics that are low impact. Our mission is to make fun, luxurious, comfortable clothes with as little environmental impact as possible. Whether it’s choosing an organic fabric or using recycled packaging, we strive to keep sustainability an essential goal.”

The Roy G. collection’s psychedelic-color combinations include fuchsia mixed with sky blue; teal, lilac, blue and pink thrown together; and a mélange of blue, gold and acid green. Pricing is upscale, with silk pants going for $315 and matching tops $296. Slipdresses are $269 while tie-dyed tees range from $55 to $115. Images of the one-of-a-kind tees are stored on the website under the apt title “Museum.”

And if the bright colors and luxurious silks aren’t enough to cheer you up, many items are adorned with a smiley face motif.