Everything But Water joins the top 10 sportswear brands that employ Manhattan Associates technologies.

Everything But Water joins the top 10 sportswear brands that employ Manhattan Associates technologies.


EBW Signs Up With Manhattan Associates to Transform Its Retail Experience

Everything But Water, the largest women’s specialty-swim and resort brand, announced it has deployed Manhattan Associates’Manhattan Active Omni solution as part of its full-scale digital-retail-transformation project across its 85 U.S. locations. In order to stave off challenges such as inflation and supply-chain disruptions, all 10 of the top sportswear brands—including Nike, Adidas and Lululemon—are employing Manhattan Associates’ technologies.

Manhattan Active Omni is the first platform to fuse order-management and store-fulfillment applications with next-generation point-of-sale and clienteling capabilities into a single solution. It will provide EBW store associates with the tools they need to serve their customers regardless of channel by breaking down the silos between digital and physical systems, giving store associates a 360-degree view of customer information and the ability to transact against merchandise regardless of where the item may physically reside.

“Everything But Water was looking to digitally transform our shopping experience, and we found the perfect partner in Manhattan Associates,” said Randall A. Blumenthal, chairman and CEO of EBW, in a release. “Manhattan’s comprehensive, unified commerce platform allows our associates to deliver unparalleled, personalized service and advanced omni-channel fulfillment in stores and online.”

“Manhattan’s suite of retail solutions will help forward-looking brands like Everything But Water move closer to their customers and optimize their operating margins while doing so,” said Tony DiPaolo, vice president of Retail Solutions for Manhattan Associates. “This powerful unified commerce suite combines point-of-sale, order-management, store-fulfillment and inventory management in a single, seamless application. Equipped with this solution, Everything But Water store associates can quickly and easily perform advanced retail functions like ship from store, as well as endless aisle and mixed-cart transactions.”

Manhattan Point of Sale is always current and continuously adaptive and offers a single intuitive associate experience across any combination of Windows, iOS and Android devices in the store. Manhattan Active Order Management is a recognized industry leader for customer orders across all channels and geographies.