Akbaslar Tekstil/STC Textiles

Akbaslar Tekstil/STC Textiles


Textile Offerings Run the Gamut From Classical to Digitalized, Earthy to Romantic

According to the invisible laws that govern everything—fashion most of all—every action inspires an opposite reaction as the universe seeks to balance itself in the search for harmony.

One of the key textile trends is digitalization. Fashion has something for everyone, and the people with a phone in their hand at all times surely embrace the idea of digitalization, or prints that don’t hide the fact they were created on a computer.

The contrary trend, or yin to this yang, suggests we expand our vocabulary with the word “telluric,” which means “of the earth.” Here the trend is for fields strewn with wildflowers, primal vibes and ethnic cultures, and the skins of animals that roam free in exotic climes.

In between these two extremes—for night and day are blended in twilight—are fresh takes on classics that never go out of style. This middle-of-the-road grouping includes florals, foulards, checks and crochet.


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