WGSN Releases Report on the Future Influencers of Fashion


As of Monday, September 11, 2023

Who dictates fashion? Magazines, celebrities, people on the street? In the future that’s just around the corner it may very well be robots who could reign as the greatest fashion dictators of all time.

WGSN has released a new report entitled “Multidimensional Tech for Fashion,” which examines the integration of multidimensional technologies in fashion and how they are “rapidly evolving and cross-pollinating, progressing toward a multi-layered future.” Included in the 14-page study by the trend-forecasting company is the role of AI, the controversial computer intelligence that is poised to make its presence felt in every aspect of life.

“Despite being notoriously slow in adopting advancements, the industry is now showing signs of major progression,” write the report’s authors. “Technology is viewed as an ally with the potential to solve systemic industry pain points such as overproduction, waste, environmental pollution and worker exploitation.”

But beyond production enhancements, the most interesting albeit still largely speculative aspects of the report involve what it calls generative AI fashion, digital reality fashion and robotic wear.

“The ability of GenAI to assist fashion designers in the ideation process by offering a variety of new design suggestions enables them to break away from repetitive patterns and explore new design possibilities,” according to the report. “However, the role of GenAI in fashion is not to replace human creativity but to augment it. Designers still play a crucial role in interpreting and refining AI-generated designs, ensuring they meet brand aesthetics, cultural appropriateness and marketability.”

As for the umbrella of trends that fall under extended reality, “new technologies offer an immersive experience that extends beyond the physical characteristics of fashion items,” the report argues. “They create an additional layer of engagement, allowing users to interact with fashion products in a more profound, meaningful and personalized way.”

And finally comes robotic wear, in which the lines between biological human and technological apparatus disappear. “Robotic clothing is pushing the boundaries of fashion, engineering and human potential, moving us closer to an Iron Man reality where apparel can amplify our capabilities and make us superhuman.”