Blending the Senses

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Confetti Fabrics/KMS Group

Confetti Fabrics/KMS Group

As of Friday, September 22, 2023

Romantic poets in the 19th century toyed with the concept of synaesthesia, or the blending of sense experiences, wondering, for example, which musical instrument musk perfume smells like and whether it corresponds to the feel of velvet or silk.

Above all they thought about colors and the various moods and emotions they can convey, both alone and when juxtaposed harmoniously or daringly.

These highlighted colors are destined to fill boutiques and drape bodies. What they say about the mood of the times we’re living in is, of course, subjective. Which is actually the great function and true art of adornment—the ability of the individual to express oneself, regardless of what is going on.

Deeper than a public persona, this is more like the realm of the soul. So you can ask yourself, “What color best matches my soul?” You may be surprised by the answer.


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