Study Finds Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Have Little Effect on Apparel Imports and Export

By Deborah Belgum | May 26, 2016

The U.S. International Trade Commission recently published an independent study of the free-trade accord and found that U.S. apparel imports would inch up 1.4 percent with a $1.9 billion increase by the year 2032 while exports would barely budge, seeing a 0.3 percent rise, or a $10 million increase.

Troubles Pile Up at West Coast Ports

Troubles Pile Up at West Coast Ports

Labor Secretary Tom Perez being called in to help the two sides conclude longshore contract negotiations while West Coast port operations are bogged down in cargo containers.

More Chassis May Not Solve Peak Port Congestion Problem

More Chassis May Not Solve Peak Port Congestion Problem

This month, four companies are starting a “gray,” or neutral, chassis pool at the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, which should be fully operational by March.

Major Progress Made in Longshore Contract Negotiations

After a federal mediator was called in earlier this year to speed things along, West Coast longshore workers and their employers said they have resolved the sticky issue of how the chassis fleet is maintained and by whom.

Container Volumes Rise with the Business Tide at Local Ports

The Port of Los Angeles reported that in 2014, cargo-container volumes were up 6 percent over the previous year. Total volumes reached 8.34 million 20-foot containers, which is the third busiest year for the port.

Ships Stack Up as Port Terminals Try to Clear Back-Logged Containers

As of Jan. 15, there were 13 cargo-container ships anchored beyond the breakwater that protects the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles.

Will Port Congestion Fees Be Imposed?

The worst Los Angeles/Long Beach port congestion problem in a decade still has cargo stacked high on the docks. Goods continue to take two to three weeks to get off out of the ports and onto trucks and rail cars.

Feds Send in Mediator to Help With Longshore Contract Talks

The U.S. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service said it plans to send in Scot Beckenbaugh, a skilled mediator and the service’s deputy director, to get West Coast longshore workers and their employers back to the bargaining table.

Longshore Union Wants to See More Shipping Line Honchos at the Negotiating Table

Talks between longshore workers and their employers have been slogging along since last May with no end in sight for a new contract that would replace the last contract that expired July 1.

2014: Year in Review

2014: Year in Review

As 2014 draws to a close, the editors of California Apparel News take a look back at the year’s significant news from key industry sectors such as retail, trade shows and international trade agreements. We also take a look at the burgeoning interest in made-in-America manufacturing and some of the most-read stories of the year. Plus, we remember some California industry notables in our in memoriam section.

2014 in Review: Trade Agreements a No-Show for 2014

The big apparel trade show news of 2014 was the September announcement that Advanstar—parent of MAGIC, Project and Coterie—was sold for $972 million to British trade-show producer UBM PLC.

Longshore Employers Call for Federal Mediators to Help Push for a New Contract With Dockworkers

Longshore Employers Call for Federal Mediators to Help Push for a New Contract With Dockworkers

For seven months, longshore workers have been head to head at the negotiating table to hammer out a new six-year labor agreement with their port bosses.

2014 Retrospective

From domestic employment figures and the latest import/export data to retail real estate and retail sales, the editors of California Apparel News take a look at some of the key indicators for the apparel industry in 2014.

2014 Retrospective: Import/Export: Vietnam Makes Great Inroads in Apparel Exports to U.S. Stores

Even though the Southeast Asian nation has a population of 93.4 million people, not even 10 percent of the Chinese population, it is becoming an increasingly popular place for apparel manufacturing. The country’s wages are about one-third to half as much as those in China, and its workers are known for their fine, detailed work.

2014 Newsmakers: West Coast Ports’ ‘Perfect Storm’

For many retailers and apparel importers, this holiday season didn’t turn out to be very merry and bright.

Surprises and Contrasts

Surprises and Contrasts

From the sale of trade show giant Advanstar to the high-profile federal raid on Los Angeles Fashion District businesses, 2014 was a year of surprises and contrasts.