Rents Keep Rising for Retail Space in Hot Los Angeles Neighborhoods

By Deborah Belgum | June 9, 2016

Stories abound about the death of bricks-and-mortar stores, but retailers in Los Angeles keep setting up outposts and rents keep going up.

Is Culver City Ready for High-End Boutiques?

When the luxe mixed-use development Platform makes a formal debut in April, it hopes to shake up the area around the bustling restaurant and art-gallery neighborhood of downtown Culver City, Calif.

Dollar T Thrift Goes E-commerce

Derek Wong started a fashion career printing T-shirts. But when it came time to move on to his next project, Wong didn’t feel like going high-end or designer. He saw opportunity in thrift.

Avocado Activewear

Avocado Activewear

As many boutiques were anticipating the winter holiday retail season winding down, made-in-Los Angeles brand Avocado was just getting started. It opened its first store on Dec. 22.

Holiday’s Mixed Review: MasterCard Reports Increased Sales, Others Call it a Tough Season

The reports for the 2016 holiday retail season are in, and the news is mixed.

Apparel Sales Rise During Christmas

The holiday retail season ended up being good for the apparel business, according to a statement released by MasterCard Spending Pulse on Dec. 28, the market research group tracks spending in the MasterCard payments network.

2015 In Review: The Retail News of 2015

The Retail News of 2015

Former Owners Taking Back Oak NYC Stores from American Apparel

After months of negotiations, the former owners of the edgy and hip Oak NYC stores have reached an agreement to buy back their small retail chain from American Apparel.

2015 RETROSPECTIVE: Retailers Are Returning to Popular Shopping Streets

Retail on the high-end streets around the Los Angeles area are starting to buzz with shopping crowds not seen since the economy took a dip in 2008.

2015 RETROSPECTIVE: Gap Initiative Aims to Cut U.S. Stores, Increase Overseas Stores

Gap Inc.’s operations are impressive. The San Francisco–headquartered retailer says that its product is sold in 3,300 company-owned stores across the globe. In 2014, its net sales were $16.4 billion.

2015 RETROSPECTIVE: Macy’s Inc Tries Off-price, Nordstrom Tries More Stores

Nordstrom Inc. has been hard at work in Southern California in 2015. Nordstrom opened a new full-line shop at Del Amo Fashion Center this year and announced two other new full-line stores.

Kitson Announces Closure of All Stores

Kitson Announces Closure of All Stores

Kitson, the boutique chain that pioneered high-end shopping on Los Angeles’ Robertson Boulevard and pop-culture retailing, is going out of business, according to a statement sent by the retailer’s public-relations representative.

Newsmakers 2015: The Return of Mall Construction

made a debut during the year.

Newsmakers 2015: Payments Industry Fights off Credit Card Fraud

The era of the computer-chip card was formally started on Oct. 1. On that day, banks and credit-card companies notified retailers that they would only be responsible for fraud losses on EMV computer-chip cards, which cannot be hacked by fraudsters, according to supporters of the technology.

Newsmakers 2015: Wet Seal Goes Private

2015 was the year of new beginnings for Wet Seal. After more than 20 years of acting as a public company, the Foothill Ranch, Calif.–headquartered juniors retailer went private.

Newsmakers 2015: Retail Tech In-Store and Online

Omni-channel was the tech buzzword of 2012. In 2015, the retail tech world was focused on “Big Data,” or through feeding extremely large sets of data into computer algorithms, then finding trends and patterns, which might forecast what kind of denim consumers will purchase.