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Dair by Odair Pereira

Photos by Volker Corell

Fashion Setters Award and Show

Fashion Setters Award and Show | March 8, 2017 | Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills, ...

Indigo Inspiration

Denim—and denim-friendly fabrics—go sophisticated in deep shades of indigo and navy.

In the Purple

Shades of grape, violet and eggplant color sophisticated laces, floral prints and active knits.

Sweater Weather

It’s always sweater weather with loose-knit fabrics, bouclés, French terry and highly textural textiles.


Go for high gloss with foil-printed fabrics, metallic laces and reflective textiles.

Black & White

The classic pairing of black and white adds sophistication to prints and graphic punch to ...

Natural Selection

Natural shades of beige and khaki—and soft versions of brighter hues—are warm neutral options for ...

Net Benefits

Textile designers turn to net constructions and laser-cut designs to create plenty of options for ...