Sourcing & Fabric August 2013

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Textile Trends | Check It Out

From preppy madras patterns to glamorous sequined argyles and plaids, there's a near endless variety of checked patterns for every segment of the market.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics #CPC-13781-5 Robert Kaufman Fabrics #CUD-13070-150 Robert Kaufman Fabrics #CUD-13077-239 Robert Kaufman Fabrics #CUD-13066-147 Robert Kaufman Fabrics #ZUD-13601-1 Pinx International #K23477/1 Confetti Fabrics #11927S “Aries” Pinx International #K23398/1 Taiana Virgilio #S910001 “Kalen” Lanificio Corti Marchello s.r.l. “Candela” Taiana Virgilio #L920003 “Alinghi” Taiana Virgilio #S390001 “Kalen” Taiana Virgilio #L920004 Alinghi” Designer Fabric Warehouse “Sheer YD Plaid”. Robert Kaufman Fabrics #ZUD-13601-1

Textile Trends | Art Nouveau

The turn of the 20th century is rich history for textile designers. Look for the curvilinear lines of Art Nouveau, the dense floral motifs of William Morris prints, and geometric patterns in soft, feminine colors.

Liberty Art Fabrics #05503104A “Ianthe” Liberty Art Fabrics #05503107A “Elysian”. Robert Kaufman Fabrics #AHIBF-13940-110 Laguna jersey prints Solid Stone Fabrics #JU-MCR8469

Textile Trends | Got the Pinks

Textile designers think pink when it comes to patterns that range from strawberry brights to sophisticated rose shades.

Designer Fabric Warehouse “Slub YD Color Denim” Bel Maille Creations #D186 DAM09 Darquer Dentelles de Calais #15629 Estrema “Sparrow” Pinx International #K23379/1

Textile Trends | Painterly

Brush stroke patterns and water color designs modernize traditional florals, plaids and fluid abstracts.

Cinergy Textiles Inc. #HMC-1311 Bennett Silks #6111HP01/M Hand-painted satin devore Bennett Silks #1502XHP04/M Hand-painted silk Hoferhecht Stickereien #29978L.AYA. Bennett Silks #1502XHP06/M Hand-painted silk. MJ Textile Inc. #E04U28. Liberty Art Fabrics #05503102B “Sung”. Liberty Art Fabrics #05503108A “Mistral”. Taiana Virgilio#S390005 “Kalfix”. Taiana Virgilio#P110023 “Cabbys” Bel Maille Creations #I AM49 Solid Stone Fabrics #SD032 “Tie Dye”.

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