Unicorn Watch. Oh, It's On!


Miley Cirus in a newly released video

Maybe Miley Cirus can make this unicorn thing happen.

The popstar recently released a video of herself wearing a unicorn onesie while dancing to the J. Dash song “Wop.” And Twitter went wild. Obviously.

The song is a total earworm and Miley’s moves are impressively worthy of a Big Freedia back-up dancer.

Miley's unicorn onesie gives me hope there’s a unicorn trend on the horizon.

Last year, Jeremy Scott showed this look at his New York Fashion Week show in February.


Jeremy Scott, New York Fashion Week 2012

Waaayy back in 2011, I called “awesome” on the unicorn jacket and rainbow shorts Maggie Barry showed in a benefit fashion show for Haiti.


Maggie Berry, photo by Felix Salzman

And way, way back in 2004, stylist Nina Tahash created a unicorn-themed junior fashion shoot for California Apparel News. In addition to the Overdrive jacket with the unicorn print on the back (pictured below, left), Nina's also featured unicorn earring (below, right), which she made from a deconstructed plastic windchime.


California Apparel News shoot, 2004, styling by Nina Tahash, photos by Julia Schmidt-Price

Unicorns are totally going to happen. I can feel it.