Talking caps with Hall of Fame & Original Chuck

A 2016 cap from Hall of Fame. Photo courtesy of Hall of Fame.

A 2016 cap from Hall of Fame. Photo courtesy of Hall of Fame.

As of Friday, February 12, 2016

After more than 100-years of style in baseball cap, one may think that there are no more new looks for the iconic headwear. But there’s a lot going on under the cap. It is going through creative changes and experimentation, said Arsen Salatinjants, founder of the Hall of Fame headwear brand. Concurring is the crew at Original Chuck, another headwear focused label. Both Los Angeles area brands talked about what was next for the baseball cap.

For Arsen Salatinjants, baseball cap style is ready for a shakeup.

“The style was the fitted cap eight to 10 years,” he said. “Five years ago, the style was more snapbacks. People have been searching for different things to happen.”

For 2016, expect baseball cap fans to be wearing the dad cap, an unstructured cap that was popular in 2015, Salatinjants said. Hall of Fame will be trying some new looks for 2016. Call it a technical look. Some Hall of Fame caps will be laser cut and made with techical fabrics. Consider it a statement against prevalent fashion, Salatinjants said. " Instead of jumping on the dad cap bandwagon, we're doing a technical version of the dad cap."


2016 Hall of Fame caps pictured in this row of images. Images courtesy of Hall of Fame.

"The unstructured hat is the key," Original Chuck's Steve Fordiani said of 2016 looks. Yep, he's talking about the dad cap. But there's going to be a lot of diversity in the unstructured cap. Fordiani ran down a list of what was in the works at Original Chuck.

“Trucker caps with mesh and curved brims, trucker caps made with solid twill, perforated nylon caps with screen printed fronts, perforated PU caps with patches on the front, curved brim 5 panel and 6 panel classic caps, bucket hats with checkers and denim materials, old school painter caps...,” Fordiani said.


Some 2016 dad caps from Original Chuck. Images courtesy Original Chuck.