Jen Awad’s Rock ‘N’ Roll

Jen Awad's gig at No Name club.

Jen Awad's gig at No Name club.

As of Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Jen Awad showed her eponymous, rock ‘n’ roll style fashion line at past Los Angeles Fashion Weeks and various trade shows. But what we haven’t seen is Jen picking up the microphone or playing a badass guitar riff….until Dec.19.

Accompanied by a 8-piece band and two back-up singers, Jen played a soulful set of covers such as ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘Killing Me Softly.’ But the star of the show was her original tunes such as Love is Dead, which was recently released on SoundCloud. The gig took place at No Name club on Los Angeles’ Fairfax Avenue, which is known as a capital of streetwear. Thank the fashion gods that she’ll be rocking the sewing machine again, making new Jen Awad clothes for stylish rockers in the upcoming year, she said.


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