FWSD Announces Virtual Runway Passes for October Event


Photo: FWSD

Photo: FWSD

As of Wednesday, July 8, 2020

As Fashion Week San Diego continues to support its design community, the organization announced July 7 that it had launched its option to purchase virtual passes for its 2020 Runway Show. These virtual passes afford access to prospective attendees who would like to see the show, but are still adhering to shelter-in-place orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual access will complement the on-site show that will be hosted on October 17 at 6 p.m., which will also be held onsite depending on the status of the coronavirus pandemic and whether it is under control by that date.

“Because FWSD knows the impact that creatives have on cultivating positivity and inspiration during times like the ones we are facing, the dedication to powering through with continued efforts in the virtual space was a simple decision,” FWSD Director Gwen Bates said. “FWSD has a theme this year of giving and allowing the community into our virtual space. It has been very important to really stay connected to the community to motivate, educate and provide relevant content.”

Attendees will view designs from a roster of artists including Bea Cruz of Beau Cruz PH, Gloria Guerrero of Gloria, Kelly Leanne Snodgrass of Kelly Leanne Apparel Designs, Dijana Fiorentino of Scheherazade, Yoon Bahar of Reform, Olivia Romero of Latelier Couture by Olivia Romero, Melisa Price and Lauren Dani of L Label Loves Emvee Bikini, Koran Fields-Cameron of WVASH and Bryan Vaugh of VaughnBerry. The virtual component of FWSD will also expand the brand’s reach to a larger global audience with tickets available at $40.

“It was also imperative to take into consideration the current climate and make the virtual show not only accessible globally but offer passes that allow an exclusive intimate experience of FWSD behind the scene at a minimal cost,” Bates explained. “This has been a pivotal year full of twists and turns but we are whole-heartedly dedicated to providing our fashion audience with content to boost morale while standing firm that the show will go on.”

Additional information regarding FWSD’s 2020 Runway Show and additional events is available through fashionweeksd.com.