Innovator Keith Hufnagel Eulogized With a Memorial Gallery Show


Image from the "Huf Forever" gallery show. Photos: Huf

Image from the "Huf Forever" gallery show. Photos: Huf

As of Friday, October 30, 2020

The skateboarding and action-sports world grieved at the untimely death of Keith Hufnagel at age 46 from brain cancer last month. He was a pioneering skateboarder as well as a creative director and businessman who started the Huf band and helped to develop the milieu of a new style of shops that mixed skateboarding and streetwear.


Limited-edition T-shirt that memorializes Keith Hufnagel. Photo: Huf

A memorial gallery show will be produced for Hufnagel. The show, called Huf Forever will display photography and art of Hufnagel’s skateboarding and brand, as well as art and video inspired by him. The show will run Oct. 31 to November 8 at at the HVW8 Gallery in 661 N. Spaulding Ave. in Los Angeles. It’s located a short drive away from the Huf brand store at 451 N. Fairfax Ave. The store will sell a limited-edition T-shirt memorializing Hufnagel. Proceeds from the sales will go to brain-cancer research. There have been other notable memorials to Hufnagel’s memory. Eli Morgan Gesner, founder of the Phat Farm and Zoo York brands, recently released the last video interview with Hufnagel. Here’s a link to the talk.