RVCA Launches First of Three-Part Collection With Evan Mock


RVCA and Evan Mock have launched a three-part collection of clothing. Photo: Michael Cukr

RVCA and Evan Mock have launched a three-part collection of clothing. Photo: Michael Cukr

As of Tuesday, June 22, 2021

RVCA has launched the first of a three-part collection with skater, surfer and model Evan Mock. The first part of the collaborative collection dropped on June 15 with the next two parts to follow for Summer and Fall 2021.

Mock, an RVCA Advocate who signed with the company in Nov. 2019, is an Oahu native and brought that into the mix of the collaboration. Each capsule collection represents a time of day with the first being the morning, the second is noon-inspired and the third is a night collection.

“RVCA low-key was always the company I wanted to ride for because it was such a family affair,” Evan said. “Pat just gets it, and everyone at RVCA accomplished everything I wanted for the collection. I feel so happy to have my name attached to it. It's very rare. This is a special one.”

The morning collection focused on Palaka, a uniting and instantly recognizable print, is a historic Hawaiian checkered cloth with a classic plaid look. Its origins stem from its durability as workwear. Mock’s take on the classic piece is a woven red-and-white shirt and short combo, a fringed beach towel, and a checked fin, in addition to a series of Hawaiian-themed T-shirts.

“From the start of doing the collection I immediately thought of Hawaii and then I thought of family,” Mock said.

The second collection, dropping on Aug. 31, features a running rabbit graphic with a pink lei on a jacket, hat, T-shirts, and a hoodie. The third and final collection dropping on Oct. 26 will include a red-and-white Hawaii varsity jacket, a black shore leave classic Hawaiian shirt, and black utility pants and trunks.

“It’s been rad watching Evan grow from a young kid ripping around the North Shore surfing and skating to accomplishing big things in a big way all around the world,” RVCA founder PM Tenore said. “Team Wi-Fi for life.”