/The Lab/ by Please Do Not Enter's Debut for Dominique Lebrun

via  http://dominiquelebrun-collage.com

via http://dominiquelebrun-collage.com

As of Thursday, May 2, 2019

French artist Dominique Lebrun made a U.S. debut at Oct.24 at boutique and gallery /The Lab/ by Please Do Not Enter, which opened earlier this year. The space is located on the ground floor of NoMad hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Lebrun also works as a cinema historian and journalist. Vintage French movie posters are his primary canvases. Lebrun makes collages out of the posters. He transforms them into pieces that seem to be influenced by surrealism and urban landscapes. His show, called Icon Remix, runs until Nov. 25.


From left, Please Do Not Enter's Nicolas Libert, Dominique Lebrun and Please Do Not Enter's Emmanuel Renoird. Photo by Andrew Asch