Sole Purpose Hopes to Inspire Through Fashion


Kavon Massenburg. Images: Sole Purpose

Kavon Massenburg. Images: Sole Purpose

As of Thursday, March 4, 2021

Kavon Massenburg was in a world of trouble a few years ago. He had been arrested for dealing drugs and had been hospitalized for a gunshot wound.


Image: Sole Purpose

He wanted to figure out a way to help himself and help others. He thought that he could inspire through fashion. He started apparel line Sole Purpose. The line offers hoodies and tees bearing a graphic of the question “What’s My Purpose?” The top could offer a blank box where the wearer can write in their purpose. There also are tops which state slogans such as “My Purpose is Freedom, Justice, Equality” and “My Purpose is Love.”

Massenburg said that people can inspire through fashion.

“Because my purpose is to fill the world with purpose—to inspire billions. And to give you the tools to inspire those around you. To create a community of those who live in purpose, to connect us wherever we go, to wear our mission on our chests and not be judged by where we come from—but what we care about—and where we are going,” Massenburg said.