New Zip Systems More Durable

Atlanta-based trimmings supplier YKK USA Inc. introduced two new zip products at the recent Material World show in Miami.

One is a new hook-and-eye zip designed to resist separation under pressure.

Zippers on tight skirts and dresses often separate during repeated use. But YKK executives said this new product should put an end to the problem because the hook and eye are placed above the top-stops, reducing pressure on key sections of the zipper.

The zips come in coil fastener and conceal coil styles as well as more than 500 colors and varying lengths.

YKK also released its open-end conceal zipper for outerwear.

All mechanical parts of the zip are hidden from view when zipped up. The zip comes in No. 3 and 5 sizes.

For more information, call (770) 427-5521.—R.M.