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Textile Trends

| September 19, 2019

Textile Trends



Delicate Delights

A delicate textile, lace yields a weblike pattern that can be used as the foundation for a romantic look or incorporated as a smaller detail that softens an otherwise edgy style. Lace can be made by machine, but the finer examples are made by hand.

Orta Anadolu

Trouser Trends

Available in different shapes and sizes, trousers are now manufactured using an array of textiles but often rely on heavier weights for Fall collections. From vintage styles that draw inspiration from Grandpa or more-modern takes in denim that yield more formal, stylish cuts with a soft hand, trouser textiles are offered in different textures and an array of colors.

Studio 93

Passionate Prints

Technology has boosted the popularity of printed fabrics, which are popular in everyday fashion as well as special, custom-made pieces. Often used to relay personal expression, prints allow the wearer of a garment to make a bold statement without saying a word.


Eco-friendly Fabrics

The ever-growing emphasis on protection of the environment has given birth to sustainable textiles such as those created from bamboo, organic cotton, wood pulp and plastic water bottles. Pursuing an eco-friendly message by using responsibly created textiles garners good will from customers seeking ecologically sound alternatives to everyday products.

Tiss et Teint

Plush Cozy Cloth

Often reminiscent of a favorite stuffed animal from childhood, plush textiles have become one of the latest trending favorites in fashion. Blending warmth with luxury, these fabrics add a lush feel to traditional clothing.

Fabric Selection Inc.


Once mainly worn by men, suits are now used by all to send a strong message. From classic two- and three-piece suits used to make serious statements to pieces that are combined with streetwear elements for updated suiting, incorporating suit-weight textiles brings a touch of class to clothing.


Findings & Trimmings

Findings & Trimmings

Pantone Expands Its Library by Adding 294 Colors to Matching System

Color authority Pantone, LLC, recently introduced 294 colors to its library, the first addition to its Pantone Matching System since 2016.

Arts District Fire Destroys Fabric Building

A major blaze destroyed a building at 1915 E. 7th St. during the early morning hours of Sept. 9, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Textile Trends: Sourcing & Fabric

Sourcing & Fabric

Talon Develops New Style of Zippers

Talon Develops New Style of Zippers

The Talon zipper has been around for more than 100 years, used in military uniforms, leather jackets, denim pants, dresses, shirts and skirts.

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Swimwear Textiles

Swim Textiles

Orta’s Sustainability Formula Blends Biology, Design and Technology

Istanbul textile manufacturer Orta Anadolu is on a mission toward greater sustainable denim manufacturing, inviting industry leaders to hear about how the company is contributing to a more ecologically sound denim supply chain.

Calik Denim Increases Accessibility Through New Mobile Application

Easing the customer experience through fresh technology, Instanbul’s Calik Denim introduced a new mobile application that allows users to remain current with the latest industry trends and match them with the company’s products.

Hyosung Introduces Creora ActiFit Spandex With a Focus on Fashion and Function

Addressing the demand for textiles that meet the needs of endurance-sports enthusiasts, Seoul, South Korea–headquartered Hyosung recently introduced its latest offering in high-performance fabric.

Obituary: John Marshall, Owner of JM International Group

John Marshall, a longtime Los Angeles resident and president and owner of JM International Group, passed away on June 15 from natural causes. He was 52.

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Planet Rehab Shows How Working Together Benefits the Planet

If it takes a village to raise a child, the same could be said about creating a sustainable capsule collection.

Polartec to Increase Recycled and Biodegradable Materials Across Entire Product Line

Polartec to Increase Recycled and Biodegradable Materials Across Entire Product Line

Building upon its Eco-Engineering process, which produces high-performance sustainable fabrics, Polartec has launched a new campaign to utilize recycled and biodegradable materials throughout its entire product line.