European Retaliation Tariffs Planned on U.S. Clothing

By Deborah Belgum | March 8, 2018

After President Trump signed an order on March 8 to impose tariffs on imported aluminum and steel, apparel makers were bracing for Europe to slap retaliatory tariffs on a variety of apparel coming from the United States.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Signed in Chile

The much anticipated Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, formerly known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, was signed March 8 in Santiago, Chile, as member nations moved forward without the United States to build a stronger global economy.

Why Apparel Sourcing in the Americas Is Important for the U.S. Market

Apparel factories and mills in the Western Hemisphere are still a significant supplier to U.S. retailers that are whittling down their lead times and looking for more just-in-time delivery.

Retail Imports Will Rise During the First Half of the Year

With wages going up and unemployment going down, shoppers are expected to continue hitting the stores, which means more imports will be coming in by the boatload.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Be a Done Deal by March

The new and improved Trans-Pacific Partnership is going forward without the United States as the other original members of the accord hashed out their differences in January, with a new free-trade pact expected to be signed as early as March.

NAFTA Local Experts Debate the Pros and Cons of the Free-Trade Agreement

Free trade between the United States, Mexico and Canada has become a hot topic lately as negotiations to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement have been going on since last year.

Customs Confiscates Thousands in Fake Nike Air Jordans

U.S. Customs and Border Protection suspected that the Nike Air Jordans inside seven parcels that landed as air cargo near Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, D.C., weren’t the real thing.

Year in Review in Trade: The Year of Breaking UP and Getting Back Together Again

Some relationships last forever. Others need to be restarted.

2017 Retrospective: China’s Dominance in U.S. Apparel Imports Is Slowly Declining

China’s reign as the apparel powerhouse to the United States continues as sourcing agents find this go-to region a reliable manufacturer of anything related to clothing.

Trade Observers Fear Trump May Pull Out of NAFTA Negotiations

With little progress in the last negotiating round for the North American Free Trade Agreement, trade experts believe it is becoming more likely that President Trump will follow through on his threat to withdraw from the talks.

Egypt’s Duty-Free Apparel Production Making a Comeback After Years of Political Turmoil

As President Trump starts whittling away at the various free-trade agreements the United States has with different countries, Egypt is revving up its promotion of its special industrial zones where apparel can be made and exported duty-free to the United States.

The U.S. Free-Trade Agreement With Central America Is Next in Line for a Makeover

Experts are meeting for their fourth round of NAFTA trade talks in Washington, D.C., this week with the idea of wrapping up negotiations to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement by the end of this year if President Trump doesn’t derail the deal.

Containerized Imports Headed for a Record in the United States

Consumer confidence keeps shoppers buying as the economy chugs along.

Taiwanese Citizen Held in San Francisco on Charges of Bringing in Millions of Counterfeit Footwear and Apparel

A former Taiwanese national living in New York was charged with smuggling and conspiracy to traffic counterfeit goods that ranged from high-priced Nike shoes and Ugg boots to True Religion blue jeans after he tried to board an international flight in San Francisco.

How Sourcing Managers Are Re-examining Vietnam After the Demise of a Free-Trade Agreement

Six or seven years ago, Steve DiBlasi of Lanier Clothes decided to shift a fair amount of his company’s apparel production from China to Vietnam.