Levi's and Whirlpool Partner in Survey

Levi Strauss & Co. and appliance maker Whirlpool have collaborated on a survey that probes how consumers wash their jeans and laundry.

According to the survey, conducted by Opinion Research Corp., approximately 50 percent of consumers who do laundry don’t realize that water temperature has an environmental impact, with nearly half of jean-washing consumers opting for warm or hot water when laundering their denim. Another 20 percent of consumers wash their jeans after every wear. Whirlpool recommends that consumers opt for cool water when washing their jeans and waiting to wash their jeans as part of a full load in order to conserve energy and water. Levi’s advises consumers to refrain from washing their denim after every wear and to preserve the color of jeans by washing them inside-out.

Levi’s has also partnered with Goodwill Industries International, the nonprofit organization, to educate consumers on how to care for their clothes while helping to preserve the environment. As part of the partnership, Levi’s changed its garment-care labels to recommend that clothes be washed in cold water and to donate clothes to Goodwill to prevent it from ending up in landfills.—Erin Barajas