Entering the Chamber of Chambers

Send thank you cards to these guys for helping you look effortlessly cooler. From left, Devin Carlson and Matt Goldman of Chambers

Devin Carlson and Matt Goldman just made it cost a lot less for cute boys to look hip. Their new line, Chambers—full of easy-to-wear collared shirts, jacket and sweater standards treated with a stylish twist—is perfect for lazy guys who don’t want to think too much about their outfits.

Carlson, who continues to own and design the contemporary men’s and women’s collection Fremont, launched Chambers with graphic designer Goldman to have a broad market reach. A collared, button-up shirt by Chambers will retail for $80, which is half the price of a Fremont counterpart. Though Carlson designs both labels, Chambers and Fremont are separate businesses.

“A lot of contemporary lines do diffusion lines, but I wanted to do something different than a diffusion line. I wanted to do something completely different that challenges me creatively, hits a market that I don’t really hit and work with somebody that’s different,” said Carlson, who has been friends with Goldman for years.

Carlson points out that everything is peppered with extra design details, such as a triangle pattern piece on the back yoke of a woven shirt and a waxy finish on a hoodie sweater. Then he reveals his ace in the pocket, which is that the woven shirts are also completely reversible. A bright yellow plaid shirt switches to a solid charcoal gray. One side of a gingham shirt is squeaky clean; the other has a faded grungy wash.

Goldman and Carlson celebrated the launch of the line at the new mezcal y tequila y cerveza bar Las Perlas in downtown Los Angeles on March 17. Guest graphic artist of the season Erin Garcia also supplied the tunes as the night’s DJ.

I did not stay at the party until closing time. But if I know tequila, I bet the next morning, in half-asleep dizziness, all the dudes that were there will wish they had something easy like Chambers’ gingham shirt (flipped to the clean side) and solid black jeans to stumble into. It's the perfect, no-brainer outfit to look put-together, hiding the previous night's mescal and tequila-influenced sins.

Between tequila cocktails, guests browsed a preview of Chambers' debut Fall 2010 line at Las Perlas last night.

An example of one of Chambers' reversible shirts

From left, a Chambers tee by Goldman and an "Artist Series" tee by Erin Garcia