Stop Staring! Launches Retro Activewear

In its early stages, Stop Staring! was born by the young punk-rock version of designer Alicia Estrada’s own clothes, which she made for herself to express her individual style. Stop Staring! has been an established business selling 1940s- and 1950s-inspired cocktail dresses for more than 10 years, but Estrada still has the DIY spirit in her.

Her new line of activewear, under the Stop Staring! label, started with pieces that Estrada made for her personal use during sweaty workout sessions with her trainer, Amie Nicole.

“We noticed that the clothes didn’t have the functionality we needed, [with] pockets for the iPod and pockets for the keys. Because when you’re out there jogging, you gotta take your keys with you. You might need your cell phone. I just started making it for myself,” Estrada said.

When Nicole and Estrada aren’t exercising, they wear vintage-inspired cocktail and day dresses by Stop Staring! and other rockabilly-like fashions. Estrada follows through the same retro themes in her workout wear, which uses modern stretchy fabrics to allow for functional activewear use. Estrada points out the cute sailor button details on a pair of poly/cotton/Lycra high-waist shorts and that her poly satin baseball jacket (like the ones worn by the Pink Ladies in “Grease”) can be worn for an outdoor run.

“The more weight I lost, the cuter I wanted to look when I was working out,” Estrada said of the sexy cuts. “Before it was T-shirts and my husband’s sweatpants, and then I was feeling good so I started making it sexier. So these are the short shorts.”

Estrada previewed the activewear line for her closest fans in conjunction with the release of trainer Amie Nicole’s “Fit to Rock” workout DVD at Hairroin salon in Hollywood on May 21. Estrada plans to unveil the full line during the Aug. 17–19 run at the MAGIC Marketplace.

Wholesale price points range from $17 to $79. For more information call (213) 627-1480 or e-mail—Rhea Cortado