Fair Verona: Whimsical Fairy-Tale Lingerie

The designers of Fair Verona lingerie, sisters Nila and Misha Myers, spent much of their youth burning through free airline tickets courtesy of their mother’s Delta Airlines employee perks. It’s clear to see their self-diagnosed “travel addiction” in their lingerie line, as tiers of whimsical ruffled lace and fluttery sleeves transport the wearer to a different time and place. Their first season, Fall 2012, was inspired by Verona, Italy. For Spring 2012, France is the inspiration, and Fall 2012’s muse will be Bali.

The Santa Barbara, Calif.–based siblings hatched the idea for Fair Verona at a lingerie trade show. Both were working as models and saw that there weren’t any brands that captured their particular taste for color, romance and whimsy. They launched Fair Verona with no formal lingerie design education and caught the eye of Melanie Doctors, a.k.a. “Miss Kitty,” at Purrmission Lingerie in Santa Barbara.

“They were doing something that was genuinely different,” Doctors said. The veteran retailer examined the sisters’ product “with a fine-tooth comb” and mentored them to help refine their vision and improve salability.

“If you’re playing in that price point, no mistakes. They were so earnest about what they were doing. They [are] both beautiful, approachable and real. hellip; There’s something gentle about whimsy. It’s that come-hither innocence to it, as well,” Doctors said.

Details from the new Spring 2012 line looked like they could have stepped out of a fairy tale—such as Renaissance Faire–like ruffled bell-bottoms and baby-doll antique underpinnings tops. Those Romeo and Juliet–inspired costume elements are balanced in modern sheer chiffons, Modals and cottons fabrics so that items can be worn as loungewear or ready-to-wear.

Retail price points range from $30 for basic lace panties and command up to almost $300 for the bell-bottom loungepants, which can also be tied up at the ankle. For more information, visit www.fairverona.com or contact Nila Myers at nila@fairverona.com or (310) 801-4387.