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Making Luxury Wearable


Dwyer Kilcollin and Yves Spinelli





Spinelli Kilcollin is bringing a luxurious edge to accessories with its line of streamlined, Goth-tinged jewelry.

The collection, which was co-founded by Yves Spinelli, former co-owner of Room 4 showroom, and Dwyer Kilcollin, an artist and sculptor, has developed a following for its killer linked rings, wearable wrap bracelets and luxe pearl necklaces.

The collection, which launched in 2010 out of the couple’s workshop in Los Angeles, is now carried in 30 top stores across the country, including Maxfield in Los Angeles; A’Maree’s in Newport Beach, Calif.; Weathervane in Santa Monica, Calif.; Ikram in Chicago; and If in New York.

Made from high-quality materials, the collection plays on a minimalist aesthetic and the unexpected use of materials. Taking an irreverent approach to design, Spinelli Kilcollin disregards cultural and social stereotypes to make precious items such as diamonds and strands of pearls wearable for everyday.

Spinelli, who worked at Maxfield for more than 12 years, said his experience at the store influenced the direction for the collection, which wholesales at $50 to $100 for wrap bracelets, $200 to $400 for necklaces and $150 to $800 for rings (not including precious stones). Popular items include sterling silver and gold linked rings made in a variety of gauges. Rings can be worn across multiple fingers, layered or stacked, creating an individualistic look.

“It’s always interesting for us to see how people incorporate these rings into their existing style,” Kilcollin said.

Large sculpted rings made from solid silver are completely smooth and become beat up over time.

“We like the pieces to take on the energy of the wearer,” Spinelli said. Necklaces are made from freshwater pearls wrapped in silk charmeuse fabrics. New this season are a variety of designer prints, including some from Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta and Roberto Cavalli. Recently, the design duo has started incorporating diamonds and semiprecious stones such as rubies, emeralds, jade and tourmaline into the rings and necklaces.

This fall, they plan to launch a capsule collection with diamonds in a few key high-end boutiques. For more information, call (310) 721-7311.