Tukatech Launches 'Tip of the Week' Contest with Prizes Up to $5,000

Los Angeles–based technology solution provider Tukatech has introduced a new contest to encourage Tukatech users to visit the company’s Tip of the Week page.

Part of Tukatech’s education initiative, the Tip of the Week page on the company’s website ( and YouTube page ( provides easy-to-follow instructions for performing functions in Tukacad and Tuka3D. The tips are provided by Tukatech customers, and the company hopes to encourage more users to post tips on the site. New tips go live every Monday and are sent to all Tukacad and Tuka3D users through the company’s automatic updates. Tips are also promoted through Tukatech’s social-media channels.

The contest is open to all current Tukatech customers around the world who use Tukacad for pattern-making, grading and marker-making and Tuka3D for virtual design.

There will be weekly and monthly winners chosen, who will receive $100 and $500, respectively, as well as an annual grand-prize winner, who will receive $5,000.

To enter, users are asked to describe—in words, photos, charts, diagrams or video—“a tool, a function, a command, a process, or a series of tools, functions and commands that you have used in Tukacad that helped you or your company accomplish something that was difficult to do manually or something that helped you save time and increase efficiency.”

These tips and shortcuts can relate to any pre-production or production process of any sewn product “as long as it is related to using Tukacad software and that it proved to be of benefit to yourself or your company.”

Additional details about submissions, including file-attachment size requirements and more details about the contest, can be found at: Tukacad Tuka3D Contest