High-End Accessories Show Coeur Moves to CMC

Coeur, the high-end accessories and lifestyle show, is moving to the 13th-floor Penthouse of the California Market Center for its March 14–16 edition during the Fall 2016 Los Angeles Fashion Market.

The show, founded in 2011, was held at the Cooper Design Space until last season, when it tested a new location at the Alexandria Ballrooms, located four blocks north of the Cooper and the CMC.

“One of the many things we are excited about for this next Fall/Winter 2016 season at Coeur is to be in a building that has a history of providing a wide variety of retailers the chance to explore LA Market Week,” said Henri Myers, cofounder and creative director of Couer. “It’s also refreshing to work with a building that believes in the kind of showcase we provide.”

Myers is anticipating approximately 100 brands will participate in the March show, including Misa Jewelry, Jack Gomme Paris, Variance Objects, Emilie Shapiro, Coclico, T. Kahres, Wal & Pai, Jacqueline Rose, Chie Mihara, Sandoval, Bagtazo, Jennie Kwon, Jo Handbags, P. Monjo and Still House.

“The Coeur aesthetic is very unique to LA Market Week and our approach to the trade-show business,” Myers said. “Everything from check-in to how we feature the brands participating and layout will be a new vision or remix that’s accommodated specially for the CMC.”

Coeur draws a mix of domestic and international retailers, including department stores, specialty boutiques, hotels, spas and museum gift shops.

“Our main goal is to continue to bring the best national and international specialty boutiques and department-store buyers back to Coeur and to have a great positive showcase for Fall/Winter 2016,” Myers said.