The Chaotic Mind and Fashion

For Polina Zeynalian, the chaos that is going on in your mind was the starting point for the fabric she designed used in her first collection seen on the runway.

Zeynalian, who is now working as a visual co-manager at the Guess by Marciano flagship store in Glendale, saw thoughts hurtling around the brain and used that image to design a navy blue, black and white fabric that had a certain Rorschach inkblot look to it. She used the fabric for a long coat-dress trimmed with a white collar, a short flowy tunic top paired with black leggings and a halter-top dress slit up the front and worn with a white skirt.

To offset the chaos and add warmth to the collection, she used a solid lavender/pink fabric that rounded out the looks. Pastel-colored fabric was seen in a high-low sleeveless dress with an uneven hem and a short-sleeved tunic top with a flowy hem.

The 10-piece collection, designed during her senior year at Woodbury University, was well received at the Oct. 11 show during LA Fashion Week at Union Station.