AIMS 360 Now Offers Shopify Integration

Los Angeles apparel-industry software provider AIMS 360 has integrated e-commerce platform Shopify into its ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution to help facilitate e-commerce operations.

With Shopify, AIMS 360 ERP customers can perform multiple e-commerce functions—including collect and organize customer data, process and manage orders, track inventory, and manage shipping—all from a single location. The Shopify integration will help AIMS 360 ERP users to share and track data as well as manage inventory and shipping and automate processes such as order entry.

“We designed the AIMS 360 Shopify integration to remove much of the manual work that people are doing when it comes to online sales,” said Shahin Kohan, chief executive officer of AIMS360, in a company statement. “Many companies in the fashion industry don’t use ERP systems and have to update inventory and sales data from Shopify and other ecommerce platforms in Excel spreadsheets by hand. In some cases data that is generated in companies’ ERP systems and Shopify accounts are not being shared. This can create all kinds of challenges in inventory management, order processing and shipping. The AIMS 360 Shopify integration resolves many of these challenges while saving companies time and resources.”

According to the company, the AIMS 360 Shopify integration will eliminate the need to transfer data between spreadsheets. The Shopify integration will facilitate order updating and will automatically update shipping information so customers will receive notification of the shipping status and can track their orders. The integration will also allow users to manage wholesale and retail functions separately, including allowing users to reserve a portion of inventory for specific accounts.

“AIMS 360’s purpose is to provide our customers with an efficient, hassle-free way to manage their e-commerce so that they get paid on time and ship on time,” Kohan said. “AIMS 360 will save users time and money while improving their ability to process more orders.”

Founded in 1984, AIMS 360 works with more than 5,000 companies, including apparel manufacturers, wholesalers and importers. The company offers a suite of software solutions for sales, accounting, order taking and transaction processing as well as production, electronic data interchange, inventory management and distribution. For more information, visit