Walking the Line Between Necessity and Creativity

The world we know is undergoing a necessary transformation, speeding up toward more-responsible consumption. Faced with this new economic and ethical crisis, we must think about tomorrow’s fashions, which we are no longer compelled to endlessly reinvent. We focus on well-thought-out essentials but not without their own character. Women rediscover the pleasures of dressing, free to be who they want to be.

This season, they channel a multifaceted femininity that is committed, confident, laid-back and motivated. Whether dressed as a modern warrior fighting for a better world; confidently and proudly seductive, provocatively shaking up vintage codes; or ultra-modern and creative, they boast a strong and inspired personality. Key materials for the Fall/Winter 2021–2022 season include:

Puffy Quilting

This season, quilting gets an ultra-light update. With little or no topstitching, we like the puffy effect it delivers in luminous nylon for a tech effect or in matte for a more upscale look. It’s perfect for outerwear that is high coverage but not too heavy, yielding a blanket effect.

Liquid Shine

Shine features on satin and velvet this winter in a super-fluid application. Reflections react to movement, creating a liquid or even mirror-like effect. From soft and lightweight panne to heavy and ultra-shiny twill, these fabrics boost dresses and blouses for a 1980s effect for both day and night.

Blurred Wools

The focus is on raw and rustic broadcloth inspired by the masculine wardrobe: blurred, piqué, micro or macro herringbone; soft tweeds; and solids. We love it in color for greater novelty. It’s adaptable to an entire wardrobe of classic pieces, from pencil skirts to masculine overcoats.

Tender “Leathers”

Omnipresent this season, faux leather is openly embraced. Whether vinyl and plastic or super-soft vegan, these textiles are collectively known as “faux leather.” Trending pieces are found in 1980s-colored patent versions or ones smooth and more delicate. Dare-to-wear looks for the adventurous are found in pants, Bermudas, skirts, shorts, jackets and coats that offer a femme-fatale or retro effect.

Luxury Broadcloths

Combed looks, with a soft hand in cozy wool, favors a luxury take for the season. For coats in military and strong, reassuring silhouettes, the product is treated using natural materials—pure new wool or 100 percent cashmere. These textiles are ideal for a luxurious and comfortable look.

Winter Dishcloth Checks>

Dishcloth checks are updated for mid-season or even the heart of winter. We love them recolored or darker with stripes relying on delicate colors for a hyper-feminine look. Classic and go-to checks are reworked on shirt, flannel and coat weights.