The Dawn of New Design Trends as Apparel Consumption Is Reassessed

The times we’re experiencing—the sign of profound transformation—questions the excess of yesterday and pushes us to take a new look at how we consume. Conscious of society’s upheavals and changes in the environment, we see a return to reassuring, enduring values and a desire for transparency and ethics to help us consume less and better.

Design, at the service of function, resonates by a marked taste for authenticity and a democratic anti-industrial approach plus a focus on craftsmanship, nature and well-being. This creative, spontaneous force, emphasized now more than ever, takes inspiration from history and the traditions found here and elsewhere that celebrate women who are strong and committed yet lose none of their femininity and fantasy.


New essentials are guided by our capacity to adapt, in addition to our social and environmental consciousness. Design is at the service of function, well-being, comfort and the senses where technology and handcrafted simplicity are inscribed in an idea of durability.

New timeless pieces include a new athleisure that offers a well-being as much physical as it is mental. In a pared-down, minimal aesthetic, an enduring, outdoor, chic, cool wardrobe is developed along with tailored pieces, accessories, jewelry or pieces suited to wear at home. An easy, chic jersey wardrobe provides everyday comfort in jogging pants, sweatshirt variations and the tube skirts that we dress up with smart items like shirts, tailored pieces and trench coats. Sophisticated accessories and jewelry go from indoors to outdoors.


Make the imaginary a new reality or a voyage. Delve into our past, our culture, our traditions and the global arts community as a source of creative inspiration. Connect to raw or delicate nature and magnify it with femininity.

Returning to the land, we take a new interest in the rural world to be in symbiosis with nature, rediscover manual activities from yesterday and reconnect frugal, essential items and values with our modern lives. This is an easy wardrobe in which femininity goes hand-in-hand with practicality. Think the return of sweet, printed-cotton dresses and tops with 1940s details, wide jeans and work pants.


Escape softly from reality with fantasy and spontaneity. Update the classics by freeing yourself from the past. Give free rein to the inventive side of your personality, reinvent by delving into childhood, classic references, color and upcycling.

The eco-couture trend brings upcycling that jolts the couture universe to give it a more street context. We redesign one-off pieces in vintage fabrics and produce them in series to be more dramatic. The result? Fun looks for day or night. Recycled denims, transformed pieces and leftover couture fabrics to create a wardrobe that mixes the sport, couture, vintage and recycling universes.

Dark Power

Current crises make us question our future. Commit to doing less but do it better. Focus on iconic styles, the anti-industrial, the strength of black or bright colors to assert glamour and feminine strength in a diverse manner.

Black Gold explores the dark depths of mineral tones using a more rock-oriented, romantic, organic approach. A rugged couture mood inspired by museum pieces is developed in a range of blacks. A rock look with baroque accents of ruffles and lace. A black couture associates with a jeans style in mixed materials. Ruffled dresses and shirts, flounced blouses, ace camisoles or bodysuits and black denims recycled with either washings or worked dyeing approaches.