Soulja Boy made an appearance at day one of Agenda and promoted his new clothing line SODMG. Photo: Noe Garcia.

Soulja Boy made an appearance at day one of Agenda and promoted his new clothing line SODMG. Photo: Noe Garcia.


Soulja Boy Promotes New Clothing Line at Agenda

Famous American rapper Soulja Boy brought swag and excitement to day one of the Agenda trade show in Las Vegas on Aug. 11.

The popular streetwear trade show saw Soulja first join the Room Service Radio station as a guest where he promoted his new clothing line—Stacks On Deck Money Gang or SODMG. He also briefly talked about NFTs, a movie he’s making with Machine Gun Kelly and working with Childish Gambino on an episode of comedy series "Atlanta."

“I’m launching my new clothing line Stacks On Deck Money Gang—SODMG,” Soulja said as he walked the floor of Agenda. “I’m finna [sic] have the hottest clothing line in the rap game.”

Soulja had his own booth at Agenda with a variety of SODMG goods including shirts and hats. His full SODMG line includes hoodies and sweaters, T-shirts, joggers and sweatpants, and accessories. The line, which can be purchased on his SODMG website, features colorful graphics and ranges from $15-$100.

“I think it’s cool. It’s dope from what I’ve seen so far,” Soulja said about Agenda. “I see a lot of brands out here, NBA YoungBoy, I like NBA YoungBoy. I just seen Kodak Black. I see a lot of dope rappers’ brands out here. That’s what it’s all about.”

Soulja, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, paced the showroom floor and visited various exhibitors. He spoke to the excited owners and CEOs of the brands, receiving hoodies, shorts and hats them. In exchange, Soulja promised to wear and promote their brands on his social-media channels.

“We have a lot of new brands out here who are new to the industry and they’re really hungry to get their name out there and to be able to offer that opportunity, we’re just so thrilled that he’s taken the time out to do that,” Veronica Gruneberg, vice president of partnerships at Agenda, said. “We recognize he didn’t need to, but it’s just brought so much to the Agenda experience that he’s been willing to do that for us and for all of our brands.”

As he made his way between exhibitors, a curious crowd followed Soulja hoping for just a couple moments with the rapper. He made time to take selfies with every fan that asked for one. He eventually retreated to his booth where he promoted his clothing line on his Instagram account.

Gruneberg and Christina Wilkes, vice of president shared services, came over to Soulja’s SODMG booth to personally thank him for coming to Agenda.

“It’s a really big honor that he chose Agenda,” Gruneberg said. “We know that there’s lots of opportunity out there for him. He’s a really big name and so we just appreciate him having faith in Agenda and what we bring to the table.”

On the impact Agenda has for streetwear, Soulja said it was all positive.

“It just keeps the culture going,” he said. “We get to drop dope music and singles and albums for our fans and now we get to drop clothing lines for them, too, so it’s dope. We get to drop music and clothes. You feel me?”

Soulja Boy is best known for his song “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” his 2007 debut single, which peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and received a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song. The song was accompanied by the popular Soulja Boy dance.