Dickies launched a new collection called Uniquely Yours, in honor of Pride Month. Photo: Dickies.

Dickies launched a new collection called Uniquely Yours, in honor of Pride Month. Photo: Dickies.


Dickies Launches New Capsule Collection in Honor of Pride Month

Dickies launched the Uniquely Yours, collection on June 1 to celebrate Pride Month and the LGBTQIA+ community.

The collection embraces uniqueness and shares the personality of the two artists—Los Angeles-based Amber Ibarreche and London-based Rene Matić—who partnered with Dickies and helped design Uniquely Yours.

Ibarreche and Matić incorporated their own original designs and powerful messages into the collection with each artist’s pieces signed “Uniquely Yours,” to further showcase their signature touches on a personal and intimate collection.

Ibarreche, an artist, designer, and poet, incorporates powerful messages into her design of the “Work of Art” Bib Overalls. The overalls feature patchwork messages and colorful graphic art, which focuses on instilling hope and highlighting the struggles those in the LGBTQIA+ community endure. Ibarreche also created a custom embroidered Patch Set for Dickies.

“When we embrace uniqueness and allow it to distinguish us instead of define us, it becomes a superpower,” Ibarreche said. “My contribution to this collection celebrates that ethos and will hopefully inspire our community to embrace themselves, if they are supported and safe to do so.”

Matić dedicated the Dickies “Yours, Ours” T-shirt to the black-queer community by referencing the Pan-African flag. The white shirt features the colorful words “Uniquely Yours,” on the back and a front pocket with the LGBTQIA+ flag on the sleeve.

“I am dedicating my T-shirt to the black-queer community,” said Matić. “It often feels like we can't stake a claim in the rainbow flag so the colors I've used reference the Pan-African flag. Pan Africanism fits perfectly with the 'Uniquely Yours' theme, it's about unity, collectivity and transmission but also identity, individualism and pride.”

The “Work of Art” Bib Overalls retail for $100, the “Yours, Ours” T-Shirt is $25 and the Patch Set is $20. The Uniquely Yours, collection can be purchased at Dickies.com and Dickies will donate $10 to the Trevor Project and Switchboard for every shirt and bib overall purchased from the collection.