Saturdays NYC has opened its newest location in Newport Beach, California.

Saturdays NYC has opened its newest location in Newport Beach, California.


Saturdays NYC Opens at Lido Marina Village

Featuring a full range of seasonal and core products including art, surfboards and Feral Wetsuits, Saturdays NYC opened its newest retail and pop-up location in Newport Beach, Calif., at Lido Marina Village on June 10.

Saturdays NYC targeted Newport Beach as its first West Coast location as part of its strategy to grow the brand and connect with customers across the U.S. and globally since it’s a city with rich surf culture. Co-founder Morgan Collett also holds Newport Beach close to her with the city being her hometown.

“This is a surreal moment for the company and myself personally,” Collet, who grew up surfing throughout California and Hawaii, said. “I had always dreamed of bringing Saturdays back to my roots and hometown. As a kid growing up in Newport surrounded by the surf industry, it gave me the opportunity, inspiration and foundation that set me on my path to New York, which inevitably led to Colin and I creating Saturdays. To be back here and opening our first store on the West Coast, embracing the local community and having the opportunity to do more in my hometown, is something that I have trouble putting into words. I am beyond grateful for the support of our family and friends and cannot wait to open our doors to everyone.”

The new location, focused on fostering a special but accessible sense of community, is 1,200 square feet and located at Lido Marina Village. The space features minimalist lines juxtaposed with raw natural elements—similar to the architecture of Saturdays NYC’s Japan store. The concrete floor is complemented by a JUDD plywood with the design focused on letting the products take center stage.

The Lido Marina Village, which has been part of the Newport Beach community since 1971 and is a destination for artisans, tastemakers and chefs, is open seven days a week from 10 a.m.-7 p.m.—the same hours as the new pop-up location.