An Open Letter From the Publisher

Dear Readers, Partners, Supporters and Friends,

One year ago, life as we knew it changed irrevocably. As a business owner, your concern and care is for your employees, so, like all of you, I ensured that every staff member had the means to work safely from home.

But working from home was not viable for many of the industry’s manufacturers, retailers, trade-show organizers and suppliers. Or was it?

Manufacturers quickly turned to producing masks to keep their factories open and their workers employed. Retailers created or improved websites and set up curbside pickup. Trade shows filled the gap with stunning virtual presentations that allowed more vendors to exhibit and achieve a global reach.

I had all phone calls to our offices forwarded to my personal phone, and so many people called—at all hours of the day or night. I was honored to be able to refer people to local and state agencies for financial aid, direct them to other resources that could help, and, yes, I personally sent out masks to anybody who needed them.

As a member of the press, California Apparel News was declared an essential business. And essential we have been.

What you see on these pages is our coverage—in print, digital and added e-blasts—to keep you informed and connected.

I have always been a believer in silver linings, but even during my decades-long career in this business, I am continually awestruck by the creativity and resilience of this industry. The changes the industry made, first for survival and then for new offerings and then to achieve community as we knew it, make me proud to be the publisher of this paper.


Terry Martinez