Soorty released a new collection called Seasonless II. Photo: Soorty

Soorty released a new collection called Seasonless II. Photo: Soorty

Soorty Launches a Second Seasonless Collection

With a continued focus on going seasonless, Soorty recently launched its second seasonless collection.

Seasonless II focuses on the present and future through fluidity. The collection is not only seasonless, but it targets a genderless future where inclusivity, dynamics and other traits are valued. Soorty is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and society with its products by reusing and creating sustainable products for the future.

As a company that believes in sustainability, Soorty’s goal is to design clothing that uses resources efficiently. The denim manufacturer views production as an ever-evolving process and focuses on new concepts. The Soorty team uses technology to reimagine systems and places an emphasis on designing systems and philosophies that will ultimately garner positive impact. Soorty is also shifting its production towards zero waste by producing, using and extracting less, and focusing on three key factors—longevity, adaptability, and intelligence.

The way Soorty gets to zero waste is by using three initiatives they call ReSync, Redream and Refine. ReSync deals with making adaptive jeans that minimize waste and are for the eco-friendly buyer. Redream hinges on establishing a new rule in denim where values of responsibility triumph over aesthetics. Refine adapts to the consumer of today where they care more about the product, but need less when it comes to consumption.