Retail Therapy and Dining Indulgences in Trade-Show Cities

Fashion is an experience and clothing tells a story that is rich in detail, beliefs, art and culture. As apparel-industry executives travel, there should be a moment to connect with a different way of living, enjoy local dining and search for personal treasures. By exploring a new terrain, a lasting memory is formed. That time stamp becomes a red pin on a personal map that will influence future visits. California Apparel News explored six cities—Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York—to enhance the narrative beyond the business.


Range Boutique

3872 Roswell Rd. NE

(404) 816-8230

Known as the “nice girl” store, Range is a contemporary women’s brand that exudes sophistication and elegance. Its genuine nature and atmosphere of kindness are apparent within the shop, relaying the highest level of class. Range owner Sabrina Davis instilled this philosophy when organizing her boutique.

Davis is a Florida and California native who has always had an eye for a complete look. Becoming one of Atlanta’s top fashion influencers works as confirmation that her love for fashion runs deeper than selling clothes.

Range delivers elite style, successfully curating a synergy between coastal living and Southern authenticity. The boutique connected with designers from Los Angeles and Atlanta to create the perfect marriage between two subcultures.

Guests can find chic attire for daytime events and sultry silks that shimmer under the moonlit sky. The goal set by Range Boutique is simple—to make every client feel beautiful, entrusting the brand image to be carried out by the boutique’s guests. Prices for the collection range from $40 to $200.

Following a simple recipe of “tasteful, timeless and trendy,” Range continues to embark on revolutionary style by elevating the experience within the store.


4199 Paces Ferry Rd.

(770) 432-2663

Canoe peeks through a landscape of collosal trees in different shades of green along the Chattahoochee River—a cabin-inspired oasis in a city of natural beauty. Zooming in on Canoe restaurant, the air begins to smell of the original ingredients of American comfort food snaking through from the kitchen. Starting at 11:30 a.m., addictive flavors are offered throughout the Canoe menu, which offers brunch, lunch, dinner, specialty drinks and desserts.

Executive Chef Mathew Basford and Executive Pastry Chef Jessica McKinney have created delicacies that comfort the soul. Speaking directly to the heart of one’s inner child, Canoe offers Georgia Pecan Sticky Buns, freshly baked with rich flavors. Targeting savory palates, there is the House Smoked Salmon, Crispy Potato Cake and Vermont Goat Cheese appetizer. Prices range from à la carte plates of $2 to full entrees at $45.

Between 5:30 and 9 p.m. the buzz of happy conversation and clinking glasses fills the spacious location. Aligning with the starlit energy, Canoe serenades its guests with live music.

Lifestyle diets are accommodated with high concern for the experience of the guest; all five senses will be fully immersed in the atmosphere Canoe creates.


Elements Clothing

4400 Lovers Ln.

(214) 987-0837

At the zenith of women’s fashion is Elements Clothing. The shop holds its collections to the highest standard, creating a superior image for clients. Looking to elevate present reality, Elements stands on the principle of wearing quality.

The boutique also focuses on the simple things that bring luxurious energy, carrying candles, handbags, home décor, jewelry and shoes. Within the storefront, it’s easy to recognize the deep level of consideration it took to curate the space.

Balancing between clean style and bohemian warmth with flowy silhouettes showcasing premium fabrics and embellishments, Elements also offers “edited collections” that are forged by a wide range of emerging designers, contributing to the unparalleled sophistication of the brand.

Targeting a level of clothing nirvana, Elements wants to take the experience of shopping to the next level, specializing in personalized customer service, looking to mirror the taste of the client. Elements apparel ranges in price from $200 to $2,000.

Elements is fueled by empowering women and creating a space in which they always feel beautiful. President Connie Sigel has been mastering the boutique’s vibe for over 20 years, with each year a reincarnation of stronger forces of women empowerment through styles of dress.


1628 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 100

(214) 774-9903

If hunger has taken over following a day on the trade-show floor, Delucca pizza and wine will tame the beast within, offering butler-style handcrafted pizzas. Known as “the neighborhood pizzeria,” Delucca welcomes its guests to unwind and enjoy the finest of Italian and Brazilian cuisine, serving family-style portions with lots of laughs and good wine.

Delucca specializes in artisan pizzas, wine and caipirinha cocktails to create a bossa-nova atmosphere and provide an upscale dining experience that seemingly never has to end.

The space combines the rustic living of the South American cowboy with the abundance of Italian family dining. Pizza specialists take to the dining floor with carts carrying handcrafted creations that include vegan and gluten-free options, inviting guests to choose their plates as the carts pass by. All-you-can-eat pizza goes for $22.95 per person. There’s also lobster bisque, house-made Kobe meatballs with San Marzano sauce, and fresh greens with lemon and honey vinaigrette.

The bar is like no other, providing a sip of Brazilian culture. Enjoy sampling an array of specialty drinks and wines during happy hour. There is a guaranteed one-of-a-kind experience housed in Delucca, symbolized in the dessert pizzas such as the Dulce de Leche With Toasted Coconut.

Las Vegas

The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co.

1401 S. Commerce St.

(702) 272-2312

The Good Wolf Lifestyle Co. focuses on the spirit of the wolf within by bringing “unique style and quality apparel” to help dress the best version of its clients.

Derived from Cherokee roots, the story of the Good Wolf teaches a lesson of self-preservation. The brand value is heavily influenced by a simple question: “What wolf will you feed?” This lifestyle company has decided to feed the “Good Wolf.”

Believing in fate, each shopping experience at the Good Wolf Lifestyle Co. is a predetermined good time. Looking to dress every moment up with unique style, the shop selects its collection with pride of having an eye for one-of-a-kind pieces, seeing its goods as relics that will beckon the right owner and connect with guests in search of personal treasures and a positive reinforcement that they have come to the right place. These selected pieces range from $5 to $800.

Tapping into a frequency only contemporary fashion can hold, the Good Wolf Lifestyle Co. builds a bridge between free-form silhouettes and natural edginess. The shop provides products that speak directly to the needs of the client including customizable services such as personal shopping and incorporating authentic feedback from their clients, nourishing the tribe that harnesses the energy of the Good Wolf.

La Cave

3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

(702) 770-7375

La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway at the Wynn Hotel was designed to be a place of serenity after the high tides of work signal the end of the day. Designer Michael Morton has encapsulated the warmth found in vineyards around the world. La Cave looks to rejuvenate balance in an intimate setting, allowing guests to be in the moment with wine and small bites.

The location was chosen with restoration in mind. Capturing a “natural edginess,” La Cave serves American cuisine with global influences. Some of its notable pleasures include specially crafted flatbreads, hand-cut charcuterie and bacon-wrapped dates.

With three levels to choose from, guests are welcome to find the environment that matches their tastes. All of the rooms are crafted to transition from business to pleasure.

Chef Billy DeMarco prepares a variety of petite creations that complement the breadth of wine and specialty drinks found at La Cave. They include vegan White Bean & Artichoke “Crab” Cakes and vegetarian Truffle Mushroom Grits With Pecorino. An array of small bites and complementary cocktails runs from $18 up to $50. The list of elixirs is 27 pages long. From red and white wines to everything in between, there is something for everyone to sip at La Cave.

Los Angeles

Acne Studios

855 S. Broadway

(213) 243-0960

Existing on the edge of L.A. fashion is Acne Studios. The brand carries a crisp tone, vibrating at a level of precision that only a heart surgeon would recognize. Acne Studios is the definition of timeless pieces that create a moment of their own.

As a Stockholm-based fashion house, neatness comes innately. Founder and Creative Director Jonny Johansson has captured a vision of contemporary culture taking an alternative path, with Acne Studios zooming into the details of the brand.

The store offers men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories and denim. A seed of Stockholm has been planted within its Il Caffè, and the style showcases a hybrid of that submergence.

Johansson is known for “juxtaposing” designs, adding emphasis to the “fit” of the product. The frame of the garment holds a tremendous amount of significance to the perceived style of the design. Acne Studios prices range between $45 and $2,700.

Since 1996, Johansson carefully removed any excessive noise from the brand image, making quality part of the overall value. The key ingredient to style is innovation, and Acne Studios offers scarf personalization in order to draw clients into the design process.


800 W. 7th St.

(213) 623-2288

Wokcano has honored Los Angeles with Japanese cuisine for over 11 years. The downtown location is the go-to spot for L.A. natives to congregate after a day of nonstop shopping. Wokcano encapsulates the sultry intimacy of a speakeasy fueled with edgy seduction. It’s known for its explosion of flavors, amber-lit atmosphere and undeniable fun.

On the corner of 7th and Flower streets, the Wokcano sign is brightly lit, signaling the work day is meeting its end. Weary Angelenos shuffle into the lounge, where they are greeted by a host and led to a table to order their usual sushi rolls and cocktail or head straight to the bar.

As a contemporary Asian restaurant, Wokcano looks to push flavors to the extreme, providing a sense of newness to all of its guests. With a full kitchen and sushi bar, Wokcano has been able to accommodate multiple modes. The floor plan can hold private parties, dinner for two or a solo trip to the bar. Depending on the level of hunger, one can enjoy a small bite for $6 or share a feast for $60.

Food comes to the table piping hot, like the Pan Seared Butter Garlic Shrimp, prawns dressed in butter and garlic sauce and accompanied by red onions. In addition to the pan creations, Wokcano offers various wok-style dishes, sushi rolls and sashimi that are refreshing and cut with precision. There are vegan and vegetarian options as well.



701 S. Miami Ave.

(786) 482-2996

Capturing the sea breeze found along Colombian sands, OndadeMar provides a place for women to see the sun-kissed shade of luxury. OndadeMar brings in a tone of robust Latin flair to a premium standard of products.

Taking international leaps in design and quality, OndadeMar apparel can adapt to any type of lifestyle. The brand has been recognized as a footnote to the global market, specializing in being versatile and accustomed to fitting the unique needs of its guests.

A hybrid of fashion blended with a core of resort style, OndadeMar has successfully created its own lane. It looks to cultivate a next-level impact on the fashion world by showcasing a sophisticated lifestyle along the coast. The collection comprises ready-to-wear products for men, women and children with a complete wardrobe in mind, dressing clients from head to toe.

Price points start at $78 and go up to $265.

Clients gravitate toward the world OndadeMar has created, where the simplicity of its collection creates a space that is easy but holds the same weight as any bold fashion statement.

Serena Rooftop

915 Collins Court

(305) 306-0776


After a long day scuttling through the city streets of Miami, the Serena Rooftop restaurant and bar offers an elevated dining experience. Channeling the vibrant hues found in traditional patio restaurants of Oaxaca and Mexico City, Serena connects its guests with new shades of happiness.

Planted at the Moxy South Beach, Serena carries a sophisticated yet welcoming air. It looks to strengthen bonds between friends or colleagues by offering sharable dishes that can be experienced in the lounge or at a table setting.

Serena’s food depicts a modern interpretation of Latin and Mexican cuisine. Harmonizing with the heat of Miami, Serena offers sunset cocktails that can be enjoyed with live music. The interior design of the rooftop echoes illustrations of a secret garden, hidden away and touching the skies of South Beach.

Pairing with the lavishly green plants are the bright coats of paint found throughout the floor plan, transporting guests to a paradise with bold flavors. The outdoor dining area includes striking mosaic art in different saturations of pink, orange, coral and blue. The innovation of the rooftop restaurant bleeds into the furnishings, with swinging barstools, ceramic-tile tabletops, plush sofas and overstuffed banquettes. Strands of twinkle lights are wrapped around the canopy, adding glimmering speckles of magic throughout the evening.

Serena offers a Lobster Benedict, a butter-poached Maine lobster accompanied by creamed spinach and finished with Old Bay hollandaise sauce. Different dietary lifestyle choices are all catered to at Serena, which sets out to create an unforgettable experience for guests. Prices range from $10 to $30.

New York


64 Gansevoort

(917) 512-7405

The future is dependent on the actions consumers take now, and Frame has recognized the threats of irresponsible practices, deeply considering the efforts of sustainability within its brand.

As an American clothing line, Frame works in a progressive state of mind, evolving from denim constructed by hand to ready-to-wear essentials, looking to find organic materials wtih which to build its designs. The brand is on a mission to dress its clients for the challenges that arise daily and create a statement through its clothing.

Frame carries men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, outerwear and sustainable collections.

Founders Jens Grede and Erik Tortesesson tell a distinctive narrative with the origin of Frame. Since 2012, Frame has been creating a vivid painting of its interpretation of fashion in the future. The breadth of the collection ranges from metropolitan athleisurewear to chic cocktail, looking to be a complete concept that is ready to present to the clientele. Renowned for quality denim, cotton, leather and cashmere, products range in price from $200 to $1,000.

Depicted on the founders’ website is a prophecy of their next move—biodegradable denim. Frame is thinking beyond its time to preserve a not-so-distant future. In addition to shaping the path of sustainability, Frame’s owners hold themselves accountable to keeping the earth green for the next generation.


119 7th Ave.

(212) 414-1717

A common goal when traveling to New York is to live out one’s “Sex in the City” dreams. Appearing as one of the places Carrie Bradshaw would meet up with the girls, Cafeteria has been vetted as an informal national treasure and a must-visit destination. Found in the heart of Chelsea, Cafeteria pulsates its modern ambiance, which carries a fashion statement within every dish served.

With breakfast served until 4 p.m., Cafeteria continues to serve its customers with comforting fare, serving classic American dishes that get straight to the point. Prices start at $5 and run up to $38.

Holding down the city until midnight, New Yorkers come in to grab the Mac Attack, which takes macaroni to the next level by mixing cheddar and fontina cheeses with smoked gouda and bacon and finishing it off with truffle oil. A variety of dietary lifestyles can be accommodated at the Cafeteria.

The New York Times called it the “modern diner,” with many celebrities, partygoers and livewires seeking out the comfort of Cafeteria after moving and grooving under the city lights. Cafeteria has embodied the “sigh of relief” within its design. The secret is to simply serve great American food with a contemporary flair.