Dante Victorino

Dante Victorino


FCI Fashion School Celebrates a Long-Awaited Return of Creativity

FCI Fashion School held its student fashion show July 26 at The New Mart in downtown Los Angeles, its first runway show since the March 2020 lockdown due to COVID-19.

Participants included 10 fashion-design students and alumni, as well as Fashion Design Chair Kentaro Kameyama. Together they showed a body of work ranging from colorful, feminine silhouettes to individual takes on streetwear.

Kentaro Kameyama presented costumes from his new chamber opera premiering Nov. 12 at Boston Court in Pasadena, Calif. The opera is a tragic love story based on “Dojyoji,” a piece of classic Japanese literature.

Danielle Soled highlighted the importance of healthy food with a fruit-themed collection filled with colorful, fun and girly looks.

Pulling from melancholic vibes, Riley Okamoto showed styles inspired by horror movies, the emo scene and Halloween.

Munkh-Od Dulamragchaa’s collection was filled with elegant, luxurious, powerful and beautifully tailored clothes in eye-catching fabrics.

Culley Andrew presented a range of unisex and timeless styles inspired by Japanese Edo-era silhouettes and culture.

Dante Victorino’s collection was inspired by functionality and the rugged streetwear style found in the skater community.

Sihem Messalti combined traditional embroidery work and modern-day trends to create chic and comfortable streetwear.

Inspired by the Rocky Mountains and rivers of Colorado, Reed Gregory’s collection symbolized finding the flow in life.

Alina Petrusan’s collection seamlessly blended urban lifestyle, clean architectural lines and functional design to create crisp, tailored styles.

Inspired by textures and the ever-changing nuances of the sky, Ghena Spatola’s collection, Celestial, explored contrasts between light and dark.

Alfredo Sanchez Benito showed a glamorous gown collection inspired by his muse and all-time favorite artist, Laura Pausini.