The Brand Assembly Show took place in the loft space on the 11th floor of the Cooper Design Space and showcased a number of styles for the Summer and Pre-Fall seasons.

The Brand Assembly Show took place in the loft space on the 11th floor of the Cooper Design Space and showcased a number of styles for the Summer and Pre-Fall seasons.


First L.A. Market of 2022 Reveals Latest Spring and Summer Styles

The first Los Angeles Market Week of 2022 took place Jan. 16–19 in downtown Los Angeles, where bright colors and flashy prints contrasted against the overcast January sky. Brands were showcased throughout the California Market Center, The New Mart and the Cooper Design Space previewing collections for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons with a little bit of Fall mixed in as well.


SOAH attended its first L.A. Market and showcased its upcoming spring and summer swim and resort styles.

Accommodating buyers at the CMC

Buyers at the CMC were welcomed with live music and complimentary coffee at one of many drink carts. The CMC also provided buyers with lounges on multiple floors that were stocked with beverages and snacks to keep attendees fueled up for the entire day. Buyers attending early enough were treated to a selection of breakfast pastries in the lounge, and sandwiches were provided at noon for those who wanted to grab a quick bite during a break.

Miami-based fashion brand SOAH (Soul of a Hippie) was set up in a temporary showroom on the second floor. It was attending L.A. Market for the first time and was excited to show off its upcoming Spring and Summer offerings including various swim- and resortwear styles. Designer and creative director Nathalie Bolsterli said the brand tries to offer a variety of styles to reach a wide range of consumers.

“We try to make different varieties of fits and styles that cater to those looking for a more conservative look to those who want something a little sexier. We try to keep our offerings well rounded,” Bolsterli said.

Bolsterli also mentioned that floral-patterned pieces tended to be some of the more popular in the collections.

Cynthia Hale-Price was browsing the showrooms at the CMC, taking notes for her upcoming boutique in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hale-Price has previously owned boutiques and is reentering the retail industry after a long absence.

“This show has been very eye-opening,” Hale-Price said. “I haven’t been in this business in over 20 years, so it’s interesting to see how things are done now.”


Australian-based brand THRILLS attended the Brand Assembly Show and displayed products made from hemp and certified organic cotton.

Spring, Summer and Pre-Fall at the Cooper

Buyers at the Cooper Design Space were able to see the latest pieces from brands Michael Stars, Bella Dahl and Wear It To Heart.

Multi-line showrooms such as the Focus Showroom, which showcases the brands LAMARQUE, Karina Grimaldi, Hutch, Central Park West, Ecru, CHRLDR, Kathryn McCarron and One Grey Day had a mix of appointments and walk-ins. Gabby Montanez, representative for the Focus Showroom, said some buyers were taking notes but more were placing orders. Seemingly on trend with the rest of the market crowd, Montanez noted florals were doing well as were summer dresses.

Kyla Faulder, who was attending market for La Tre Clothing in Ukiah, Calif., was shopping for Spring/Summer while also getting a jump on Fall 2022.

“We’re looking for a lot of color for Spring, and we’re doing a little bit of Fall, so we’re looking at cozy stuff as well. Also just seeing what’s available. Overalls would be great. Dresses for Spring/Summer. Lots of florals too,” Faulder said.

Located on the 11th floor was Brand Assembly, which featured brands Catherine Gee, Frances Valentine, Neem Living and Joie among many others showing off the latest styles for Summer and Fall 2022.

THRILLS, an apparel brand from Byron Bay, Australia, known for its vintage-inspired pieces, was displaying new items from its upcoming collections, including pieces made from sustainable fabrics such as hemp and certified organic cotton.

“The brand has been around since 2011, but we launched in the United States three years ago, so we’re really just emerging here. It’s been a great launch for us—all of the accounts that we’ve opened have been experiencing great sell-through, so it’s exciting,” said Erin Benjamins, sales representative for THRILLS. “Our denim—we’ve been specializing in a bunch of different fits so that’s been huge. Free People has done well with our pants, denim and swim.”


Hudson Jeans displayed pieces from spring through its upcoming Fall collection. Buyers shopping the brand were interested in the straight and bootcut fits.

Denim trends dominate at The New Mart

The New Mart featured many new tenants and L.A. Market Week–exclusive showrooms, allowing buyers the chance to look through collections and pieces that are normally not available. The Metta Studio showroom was a market exclusive that showcased collections from Lavender Brown, Fidelity Denim, Lucca Couture and Modern American.

Los Angeles–based Hudson Jeans, which shared a showroom on the ninth floor with Joe’s Jeans and Favorite Daughter, was at market showing off pieces from Spring through Fall 2022, which features coated denim as well as vegan-leather pieces. Morgan McQueen, account executive for Hudson Jeans, offered insights into trends buyers were shopping.

“Buyers have been looking at the straights. Straight fits are really popular right now as people are trending out of the skinny fit. So a lot of straight fits and boot cuts have been popular. We have great coated denim as part of our new Fall collection. Historically we did well with skinny jeans, but styles are definitely trending toward that straight silhouette.”

Brands showcased at The New Mart brought in buyers from out of state. Tiana Lavrova, buyer and hairstylist at Li La Beauty Co., a salon and boutique in Washington, joked about the challenges in buying for future seasons.

“We’re looking at swimwear. We have a lot of lakes around us. We’re in Liberty Lake, Wash. It’s hard for us right now because we have snow on the ground and we’re shopping for swimwear,” Lavrova said. “We’re picking up some denim as well. We picked up Boyish denim, a new brand. And Bishop and Young.”