L.A.’s Downtown 7th Street Beautification Project Completed

Improvements to the 7th Street corridor in downtown Los Angeles were celebrated on March 15 by members of the Los Angeles City Council District 14 and leaders from the Business Improvement District. The event was hosted by the Hirsh Collective, which owns and operates the Stanley Building, at 656 S. Los Angeles St., along with four other buildings in the district.

In April of 2022, the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering began a $12 million multi-modal transportation project to add pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements, including pedestrian lighting, bus islands and trees to downtown L.A.’s 7th Street between Figueroa and San Pedro streets.

In response to the city’s work, business owners, including the Hirsh Collective, have been painting and updating their buildings to improve the neighborhood’s appeal. The Stanley Building is named in honor of the late downtown Los Angeles philanthropist, businessman and Fashion District icon Stanley Hirsh.

“We are so thankful for the efforts of the council, the BID and the city in working to keep our neighborhood safe and conducive to fashion and creative-office uses,” said Margot Garcia, manager of the Stanley Building. “ We welcome the partnerships with our city council to further the legacy of Stanley Hirsh and others in building a thriving creative community in downtown Los Angeles, and we look forward to future generations of Angelenos embracing the vibrant community that makes up our Los Angeles Fashion District.”