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Art Hearts Fashion Hosts Largest Miami Swim Week Calendar

Photos by Premium Paris / Thierry Brouard

Hammock Returns to Miami in New Venue

Photos by Betsy Zanjani

SwimShow Celebrates 40th Year in Miami

Photos by Betsy Zanjani

Wouldn’t It Be Lovlei?

After almost a century in business, Hoffman California Fabrics launched its first brand, Lovlei, a ...

Dalia MacPhee Takes Flight With Fall 2022 Collection

Photos courtesy of Chiaroscuro Fotografia for Dalia MacPhee; Makeup Artist: Reyna Khalil

Here’s the Skinny on Black and White

Black and white come together to present pattern trends in this classic color combination that ...

Of the Earth

Designs in unique geometric patterns, realistic animal prints and more-natural florals pop in unexpected ways, ...

Brace for Lace: Vintage and Novelty Weaves

Traditional approaches to lace afford dainty details that perfect formal styles and romantic fashions, and, ...

Gimme Some Stretch

Vibrant hues of cool blue, lively orange, hot pink and festive neon green inspire activity ...

Making a Statement With Conversationals

Uplifting words in bright colors, grayscale celestial scenes, animal prints and everyday items such as ...