Ludwig: The Composer's New Clothes

Some would say there’s not enough Beethoven in this world—even if it’s an irreverent, street look at the iconic composer. The creators of fashion brand Ludwig hope to add irreverence and Beethoven to more men’s wardrobes.

On June 4, they opened a shop named after and devoted to the Ludwig brand at 720 N. Figueroa St. in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Ludwig is a mash-up of premium-casual men’s styles, graphics inspired by the 1971 cult movie “A Clockwork Orange” and a heartfelt celebration of the great composer. But it’s a celebration that might have stuffy piano teachers stumbling over their keyboards. To illustrate the line’s irreverent stance, Ludwig designer and co-owner Mike Dytri dripped blue latex paint all over busts of ol’ Ludwig to decorate the new shop.

The Ludwig store will be a permanent fixture of the KimSing Theatre complex, which also houses the Ford Brady furniture showroom and display space for fashion brands such as Huffer. Dytri and Ludwig co-owner Willard Ford plan to build a mixed-martial-arts gym a couple of storefronts down from their new store. The gym is scheduled to open this summer and will be located at 716 N. Figueroa. Dytri hopes it will make their section of Chinatown more of a destination and perhaps as inspired as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

ROLL OVER, BEETHOVEN: Willard Ford, left, and Mike Dytri opened a store devoted to their Beethoven-obsessed fashion label, Ludwig.