Have Hat, Will Open Goorin Bros. Shop

Ben Goorin of Goorin Bros. in his brand's new Larchmont Village shop

Yes, there is a lot of money to be made in hats, according to Ben Goorin, owner of the Goorin Bros. hat brand and boutique chain.

On June 16, he presided over the official debut of the 15th store in his chain devoted to Goorin Bros. brand derbies, newsboys, porkpies, cowboys, even baseball caps.

The latest is based in the heart of Los Angeles’ Larchmont Village, it is one of the few places people actually walk around in this megalopolis. There are more than 7-other fashion boutiques in this walking area, such as womenwear shops Fluxus and LF Stores.

Yet when it comes to chapeaus, hats seem to wear in and out of the fashion pale. “You wear a hat, you’ll stand out and make a statement,” Goorin guaranteed. However hats continue to gain in popularity, even becoming a requirement for wardrobes, he said.

The 1,050-square-foot Larchmont Goorin Bros. is located at 141 Larchmont Blvd.Retail price points range from $50 to $120. Special house collections feature Goorin’s 1333 Minna line; hats designed by artists working by Goorin’s San Francisco headquarters. There also is the Heritage collection, which features hats manufactured by machines and with hat blocks first used by Goorin Bros. when the company debuted in 1895.

And by June 24, another Goorin Bros. store will open. This one will be located at 49 W. Colorado Blvd., in Pasadena, it will have neighbors such as A/X Armani Exchange, Kenneth Cole and Tiffany Co.

Laura Redfern wearing at Goorin Bros. floppy hat at the brand's new Larchmont Village shop.

Photo by Tim King.