Nyzak's Streetwear Game


Daniel Bower, Outfitters sales assistant, tries on the store's Nyzak brand.

Last year, downtown L.A. boutique, Outfitters, made a shift from selling “urban” fashions to streetwear brands such as Stüssy, Obey and Diamond Supply Co., and Outfitters Manager Ahmad Jouni decided to try out the streetwear game for himself.

He launched Nyzak, his own streetwear-style T-shirt line at the shop. The line’s name translates as Shooting Star in Arabic. It offers 20 solid color T-shirts, each with individual front pockets styles. Nyzak pocket styles range from Navajo to Aloha shirt and leopard print. Shirts will retail $20 each at Outfitters, which is located at the corner at 8th and Spring streets in downtown.